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DLBT03 Michu

Swapping your vanguards while freely using set orders is the trademark of Michu's deck. In this deck, you can change Michu's ability using Cannonball cards, and swap the positions of your Michu and Noqno during battle phase to attack aggressively! A deck recommended for intermediate~experienced players to make full use of the tricky plays!

Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

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First to Head Towards a Dream! Michu

First to Head Towards a Dream! Michu
If you have "All Set Up!" in your order zone, by paying the cost, you draw a card, and can call a rear-guard from hand! Cannonball ability - when this unit attacks a vanguard, you can pay the cost to retire 1 of your opponent's rear-guards, and get [Power]+5000! Make full use of the draw and retire abilities to shift the advantage to your side! You can also use the ability of "Flower Cannonball" set order to change your Cannonball ability to give [Power] to 3 of your units! Judge the situation carefully and make your call!

Shy Vocal, Noqno

Shy Vocal, Noqno
When your card is placed in the order zone, by paying the cost, you can call this card from your drop to your back row center! If your vanguard is Michu, at the end of the battle your vanguard attacked, if this unit is in your back row center, and your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, by paying the cost, you can [Stand] this unit, and swap positions with your vanguard! At the end of the turn, their positions will be swapped back!

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