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Tr!ple×Tr!ck, Fenelle

This Fenelle deck playfully fights with oodles of order cards!
This deck lets you play three or more orders in a single turn! Accumulate "Trick & Treat!" in your drop and empower your front row units in one go! Activate various abilities the more you play "Trick & Treat!", an order that's exclusive to the Fenelle Deck!
Let's play tricks on opponents who don't provide treats!

Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

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Tr!ple×Tr!ck, Fenelle

Tr!ple×Tr!ck, Fenelle
During your turn, you can play a total of three orders consisting of any combination of "Trick & Treat!" or Regalis Piece!
When this unit attacks, if you played three or more orders this turn, by Counter-Blasting 1, one of your rear-guards and this unit get Critical +1, and all of your front row units get Power +2000 for each "Trick & Treat!" in your drop!
Put tons of "Trick & Treat!" orders in your deck and play three or more each turn! With this, you'll get to send your opponent tricky presentsto send a dangerously high Power attack with 2 Critical!

Trick & Treat!

Trick & Treat!
You may have up to sixteen "Trick & Treat!" in a deck! Play this if you have a "Fenelle" vanguard!
Perform one of the following according to the number of times you played an order with the same card name as this card this turn! If you played 1 time, your opponent puts a chosen rear-guard on the bottom of the deck. If they did not put a rear-guard, you draw a card! With 2 times, you can draw a card and Counter-Charge 1! With 3 times, you can call a grade 3 or less card from drop to a rear-guard circle!
Call cards like Strega or Crispina that help in retrieving orders back from drop and prepare your following moves!

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