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Twisted FUTUЯE

Twisted FUTUЯE

A Genesis deck that powers up and battles by activating the effects of trigger cards in soul. Use the ability of "Oracle Queen, Himiko" to attack during your turn, and use the ability of "Demise Queen, Himiko "Яeverse"" to block your opponent's attacks!

Clan: Genesis

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Demise Queen, Himiko Яeverse

Demise Queen, Himiko "Яeverse"
At the end of your turn, if you have a Himiko vanguard and have activated trigger effects two or more times this turn, you can put all rear-guards into soul to ride this card as Rest! When this unit attacks or is attacked, Counter-Blast 1 to draw a card, place a critical or front trigger from soul as a locked card, and you can activate the trigger's effect for each of your locked cards. If you use the ability of "Oracle Queen, Himiko", you can definitely ride this card! Power up your vanguard with this unit's ability on your opponent's next turn!

Apple Witch, Cider

Apple Witch, Cider
At the end of the battle this unit boosted, you can Soul-Charge 1 and return this unit to hand, or Soul-Charge 2! When this unit is put on the Guardian Circle, put a card from hand into your soul, and this unit gets +5000 Shield for every three cards in your soul. This unit can charge a large amount of soul from the beginning! Even after returning to your hand, you can guard with a high shield value!

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