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Dance Of The Flying Blades

Dance of the Flying Blades

A Pale Moon deck that uses "Sword Magician, Sarah" as a trump card. Master using powerful grade 3 units and have your opponent at your mercy!

Clan: Pale Moon

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Sword Magician, Sarah

Sword Magician, Sarah
Counter-Blast 1 to call up to one grade 3 from your deck and all of your grade 3 rear-guards get +2000 Power and "Boost" for that turn!
At the end of the battle where a grade 3 was revealed during drive check, put two normal unit rear-guards on the bottom of your deck to call up to two grade 3 cards from your soul!
A unit that can superior call and power up grade 3 rear-guards! Gather powerful units and attack!

Pop Out Chimera

Pop Out Chimera
A grade 2 unit that can be treated as a grade 3!
It can soul charge and draw cards when placed as a vanguard and it can power up as a rear-guard when certain conditions are met!
A unit that you can easily put into your deck that is helpful for various situations!

Engaging Assistant

Engaging Assistant
When placed from hand, look at the top five cards of your deck and put a grade 3 card from among them into your soul!
By retiring this unit, you can put a grade 3 from your soul into your hand and then discard a card from your hand! If your vanguard is "Sarah", then you don't need to discard a card from your hand!
Use this card to gather grade 3 cards into your soul and your hand and set up your field!

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