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Flight To A New Area!

Flight to a New Area

An Angel Feather deck that uses "Circular Saw, Kiriel" as a trump card. Increase the number of Protect II Markers on your field and strengthen your field for both defense and offense during battle!

Clan: Angel Feather

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Circular Saw, Kiriel

Circular Saw, Kiriel
When placed on the vanguard circle, if there is a Protect Marker on one of your circles, pay the cost to gain a Imaginary Gift:Protect!
This unit gets +5000 Power for each Protect Marker on your circles!
When this unit attacks, by paying the cost, call a number of units from your damage zone up to the number of your rear-guard circles with Protect Markers!
For each card chosen for this effect, deal one damage to this unit!
With this unit, you can call cards from your damage zone up to the number of your rear-guard circles with Protect Markers! Perform consecutive attacks while aiming for triggers during damage check!

Ammunition Angel

Ammunition Angel
When placed, you can put one of your opponent's rear-guards into their damage zone facing up! If you put a card there, your opponent can choose a card from their damage zone and heal it!
When this unit is on a circle with a Protect Marker, it gets +10000 Power!
With this card, you can send your opponent's rear-guard to their damage zone!
With a strong power value, it is also an excellent unit for attacking!

Beriberi Beat Angel

Beriberi Beat Angel
When rode upon, by paying the cost, put the top card of your deck into your damage zone and call a card from your damage zone!
If there is a Protect Marker on the circle with this unit, this unit can intercept from the back row and when it intercepts, it gets +5000 Shield!
It's defensive abilities will be powered up with the use of Protect Markers! Together with the effects of Imaginary Gift:Protect II, this card's Shield value can go up to 25000!

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