Deck Recipe

Prodigious Imagination

Prodigious Imagination

Clan: Bermuda Triangle

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Happiness Heart, Lupina
Look at seven cards from the top of your deck, call one as a rear-guard, and place an Imaginary Gift on the circle that the called unit is on.
Also, when it attacks, stand all of your rear-guards with a Force marker!
Strengthen your stage with allies powered by Imaginary Gift:Force and make them stand multiple times!

Unique Allure, Dagny
If there is a Force marker on this unit's circle, the [Critical] of your "Happiness Heart, Lupina" vanguard becomes 2!
Also, when placed, Soul-Charge 1! If you have ""Happiness Heart, Lupina"" or ""Freshers Innovate, Rosalinda"" as a vanguard or rear-guard, Soul-Charge 1!
Collect the souls required for Lupina's and Rosalinda's abilities, and raise the Critical value for Lupina!

Freshers Innovate, Rosalinda
If this unit's circle has a Force marker, your "Happiness Heart, Lupina" vanguard gets +10000 Power!
Also, when placed, look at the top five cards of your deck, and add a "Happiness Heart, Lupina" or "Unique Allure, Dagny" to your hand!
It is a reliable unit that supports the power of Lupina while calling for allies!

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