Deck Recipe

Diva Academy

Diva Academy

Clan: Bermuda Triangle

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School Etoile, Olyvia
When it attacks, choose up to five rear-guards, and if the chosen rear-guards have different card names, you may stand all of them! If you stood three or more rear-guards, it gets +1 Critical!
You can fully demonstrate its abilities with a highlander deck (i.e. only one card each of the same card name)!

Velvet Voice, Raindear
When revealed by a card effect, It can be regarded as a trigger unit instead of a normal unit!
Also, at the end of the battle it attacked, reveal ten cards from the top of your deck. If all of the revealed units have different card names, you may ride one of the revealed cards! At the end of the turn, put that unit to the bottom of the deck, and ride a grade 3 card from soul!
If you are lucky, you can even ride units with powerful abilities and aim for continuous attacks! This card can be used as a trigger unit, so even if two of these cards are revealed by an ability, you can superior ride!

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