Deck Recipe

Void's Gift

Void's Gift

Clan: Dark Irregulars

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Evil God Bishop, Gastille
At the beginning of your battle phase, draw a card, and let your opponent choose one out of four skills for every 5 cards you have in soul, and activate that skill! As the same option cannot be chosen more than once, if you have 20 or more cards in your soul, your opponent will have to choose all four abilities! Corner your opponent with vicious abilities!

Poisonic Abductor
When placed, search your deck for up to three grade 2 or less normal units of the same name, place two of them into your soul, and call the rest! It's a convenient unit that can reliably call units that are grade 2 or less!

Ironheart Assassin
When rode upon, you can call this card to the rear-guard circle! When attacking or boosting, you can Soul-Charge! If there are three "Ironheart Assassin" in your soul, Counter-Charge 1! If you meet the conditions, you can perform Soul-Charge and Counter-Charge!

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