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Time-travelling Gears

Time-travelling Gears

Clan: Gear Chronicle

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Interdimensional Dragon, Time Leaper Dragon
When it attacks, put a rear-guard on the bottom of your deck, and you can call the grade +1 of the card placed under the deck for this cost, from the deck as a rear-guard! In addition, that unit gets +10000 Power!

Steam Gunner, Zayed
When placed, by discarding a card from your hand, you can draw one card, and retire a rear-guard that is lower than the grade of the card discarded from your hand for this cost! Also, when you attack, if your vanguard is grade 4, you can Soul-Charge 1! For Gear Chronicle, when discarding cards from your hand, there are units that can be regarded as grade 3, which means you can aim for a wide range of retire tactics!

Lost Gear Dog, Eight
When placed from hand, you can add a grade 3 from your hand by revealing a grade 3 or higher card from your hand! If you put a card, discard cards with the sum of their grades being grade 3 or greater from your hand! When you discard this card from your hand, it may be discarded as a grade 3! Reveal grade 4 cards and add "Chronojet Dragon" to your hand!

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