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Noble Maidens in Full Bloom

Noble Maidens in Full Bloom

Clan: Neo Nectar

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Maiden of Stand Peony
When placed, call one Plant token! If this unit is on a Vanguard circle, you can call up to two instead of one! When it attacks, by retiring four rear-guards, call four Plant tokens to the rear-guard circle, and if your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or higher, all of your token units and this unit gets +10000 Power during the turn! After attacking twice with the rear-guard, call four Plant tokens with the ability of this unit and aim for further continuous attacks!

Maiden of Fall Vine
When placed from hand on a rear-guard circle with a Plant token, draw a card and this unit gets +5000 Power! The Plant token will be retired, but you will be attack with higher power while increasing your hand size!

Maiden of Flower Carpet
When placed, you can call one Plant token! At the end of your turn, retire two Plant tokens to return this card from the drop zone to your hand! By retiring the Plant token you called with the ability of "Maiden of Stand Peony", you can return this card to your hand and prepare for the next turn and beyond!

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