Bushiroad Championship Series 2023 Worlds Event Report

bcs2023 event reports


Tokyo, Japan

Feb. 3-4, 2024
Akihabara UDX

👑 Champion 👑 Dorian Buquet
(Dragon Empire)
🥇 1st Runner-up Kyle Hartog
🥈 2nd Runner-up Sreeshan Ganesh
(Dragon Empire)
🥉 3rd Runner-up Rey Perez
(Dark State)
👑 Champion 👑 Cormac Doyle
🥇 1st Runner-up John Xie
🥈 2nd Runner-up Yoann Barszezak
(Neo Nectar)
🥉 3rd Runner-up Steven Le
(Nova Grappler)
👑 Champion 👑 Xuen He Choo
(Gold Paladin)
🥇 1st Runner-up Chan Man Long
(Shadow Paladin)
🥈 2nd Runner-up Henry Gross
🥉 3rd Runner-up Jevon Watson
(Gold Paladin)

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Relive all of the exciting moments caught on stream, with VODs now available on the Bushiroad Official YouTube Channel!

Congratulations once again to our new Champions!!
And, a big thank you to everyone for your participation! Our other tournaments will continue and The Bushiroad Championship Series will return for 2024/2025 season, we look forward to your participation!

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