CRC Generations Tournament

[Nancy, France] CRC Generations Tournament

The French Community has organized a big fan shop tournament in Nancy! Do drop by MJC Lillebonne and participate in the exciting tournaments!

Event Information

Date April 11-12 (Sat-Sun)
Location MJC Lillebonne
14 rue du cheval blanc 54000 Nancy – France

April 11 (Sat)

Start Time 01:00 pm
PAF 5€

Tournament Regulations

Format 3 player teams
“Best of 1” of 20 min
Swiss rounds, double elimination
Special Rules “Limit Break Only”
– Cards from VGE-BT16 and after aren’t allowed.
Legions are forbidden.
VGE-EB11 & VGE-EB12 cards aren’t allowed.
Post-VGE-BT15 Perfect guards will be tolerated. However post VGE-BT15 Quintet Walls (e.g. Brawler, Toshu) are forbidden.
PR Cards are allowed, except for those which are in the list below.
G-Units are allowed ONLY to do a G-Assist.

April 12 (Sun)

Start Time 09:30 am
PAF 10€

Tournament Regulations

Format Individual “Best of 2”
40 min / round
Swiss rounds, double elimination
Rules Official clan fight rules/ fighters rules in use

The special rule is applied to this tournament only.
This is an unofficial rules set by the French organizers.

Forbidden PR Cards for Saturday Tournament

The following list of PR cards are forbidden during the Special Rule tournament on Saturday:

Legion Campaign PR Cards
PR/0130EN – Seeker, Light Saver Dragon
PR/0131EN – Seeker, Light Blaze Dragon
PR/0132EN – Holy Edge Celestial, Malchidael
PR/0133EN – Dosage Celestial, Asmodel
PR/0134EN – Onmye Stealth Rogue, Seimel
PR/0135EN – Transformation Stealth Rogue, Kuzunoha
PR/0136EN – Cracking Beast Tamer
PR/0137EN – Barking Sky Tiger
PR/0138EN – Machining Tarantula mk II
PR/0139EN – Machining Hornet mk II
PR/0140EN – Magic Scientist, Tester Fox
PR/0141EN – Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox
PR/0142EN – Goddess of the Treasured Mirror, Ohirume
PR/0143EN – Rising Star, Trois
PR/0144EN – King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell

Separate PR Card Releases
PR/0146EN – Psychic of Ash, Hadar
PR/0147EN – Psychic of Dust, Izaya
PR/0148EN – Battle Sister, Gelee
PR/0149EN – Battle Sister, Pudding
PR/0151EN – Extreme Leader, Raybird
PR/0152EN – Interdimensional Dragon, Lost Age Dragon

Cardfight Pack Vol. 12 (ENG)
PR/0153EN – Knight of Reform, Ladinas
PR/0154EN – Weather Girl, Ramune
PR/0155EN – Stealth Beast, Tobihiko
PR/0156EN – Brawler, Earth Crack Dragon

PR cards distributed with VGE-G-TD01/02/03
PR/0159EN – Duo Falling Heart, Victoria
PR/0160EN – Duo Falling Heart, Quancy
PR/0161EN – Shura Stealth Dragon, Mandoracongo
PR/0162EN – Shura Stealth Dragon, Daranicongo
PR/0163EN – True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser
PR/0164EN – Amon’s Leader, Astaroth

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