CRC 2 Fate of Heart and Souls!

[France] CRC 2: Fate of Heart and Souls!

CRC is back for a second edition, with extraordinary and exclusive prizes in Europe!

Some time after the “Great Cray Invasion”, Generation’s Door has been opened! Allowing Cray’s inhabitants to see their futures. After the invasion, Blaster Dark transcended his power and swords! A terrifying blade that it was told even the most cruel demon feared it and could pierce through Six Nation’s Sentinels!

Just evocating his name would make the Sanctuary shudder: Blaster Dark’s sword “Diablo”! However, his “Grand Master” rank and ambition crushed the righthood of this brave warrior. When the Door opened, it was rage, despair and power … Phantom Blaster Diablo.

Eager for power and glory, he betrayed the United Sanctuary and was at the head of a rebellion against it. To achieve his aims, he called for the best assassins and magicians from Dark Zone. To rally them to his cause, he made allegiance to the one they called once the Twisted Queen, Luquier.

Collaborating with this mistress of shadows was essential to rally people from other Nations to their cause.

He promised to make her the Queen of some Nations, while himself would rule over the Sanctuary…

A night with a dazzling light is starting! The crossroad of the Darkest souls and Bravest Heart, or will be the one who will determine the outcome!

2 events, 2 formats! Join the tournaments and receive attractive prizes if you win!

Dates Sep 19-20
Location La Caverne du Gobelin – Metz
Address 11 Rue des Clercs, 57000 Metz, France
TEL: +33 3 87 18 42 08

Saturday’s Side Event: Team Tournament “Fate of Heart and Souls”

Date Sep 19
Registration 1:15pm – 1:30pm
Entry Fee 5€ (2 booster packs awarded)
Format Clan Fight
3 Players in a Team
Best of 1
Cut to Top 8
Card Regulations English cards only
Bushiroad restriction list applied
“Civil War” restriction

“Civil War” Restriction

The tournament will be made of 3-player teams! It’s your choice to defend the Sanctuary or betray it!

All players in a team must have decks with different clans. All the 3 clans must belong to the same faction: either “Brilliant Heart” or “Darkest Soul”.

Brilliant Heart:
– Angel Feather
– Genesis
– Oracle Think Tank
– Royal Paladin
– Gold Paladin
– Dimension Police
– Aqua Force
– Great Nature
– Neo Nectar
– Megacolony
– Bermuda Triangle
– Nova Grappler
Darkest Soul:
– Dark Irregular
– Pale Moon
– Spike Brother
– Shadow Paladin
– Kagero
– Tachikaze
– Narukami
– Murakumo
– Gear Chronicle
– Nubatama
– Grandblue
– Link Joker

Sunday’s Tournament: Main Event

Date Sep 20
Registration 9:45pm – 10:30pm
Entry Fee 11€ (awarded 2 booster packs, PR card and more!)
Format Clan Fight
Best of 3
Cut to Top 8
Possible 2nd chance for Top 8!

Organized by the association G-cards and shop La Caverne du Gobelin. Supported by Ynaris and Bushiroad Europe.

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