Have “A Brush with the Legends” with Booster Pack 02, coming to Stores on July 23rd!

On July 23rd, we will be launching the much-awaited second Booster Pack for the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress series! Click here for everything you should know about the latest Vanguard series!

This Booster Pack will include various nifty support that will greatly power up the existing ride lines from all Start Decks and Booster Pack 01: Genesis of the Five Greats! In addition, this Booster Pack will also feature the new Encounter* cards! If you have been with us since the earlier eras of Vanguard, you will find some of the units rather familiar!

*Encounter cards are cards that come with a special frame!
In addition, the nation applicable to Standard format and Premium format is indicated on the card. For Premium format, it can be used in clan decks too!

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the featured new units below!

Dragonic Overlord
The dragon of apocalypse carved its name into annals of Planet Cray’s history, and maybe your deck too!

Its continuous guard-restrict ability is not only a nifty ability to have when it attacks a rear-guard, it also compliments its second ability perfectly by ensuring it will be able to restand and go for another attack!

Dragon Knight, Nehalem
The empire’s strongest dragon knight renowned for defeating thousands; a card that you should not have less than four copies of!

When rode upon by an “Overlord” unit, it can be superior called as a rear-guard! In addition, if you have an “Overlord” unit as your vanguard, both this unit and the vanguard get a power up! Having multiple units of these in the front row allows you to build up on the firepower, especially on the vanguard which can restand!

Phantom Blaster Dragon
Featuring the abyss dragon of the legends, that is just as cool as the flame dragon before it!

The moment it enters the field, it can call a “Blaster” unit from the soul as a rear-guard, which also helps with the cost for its second ability. If used wisely together with cards such as “Blaster Dark” (from the same product, as featured below), you can remove multiple opponent rear-guards even before you start your attack phase, while obtaining power-ups in the process!

Blaster Dark
One of the most iconic knight units of Vanguard history is back to sizzle up your cardfights!

When placed, you can retire an opposing rear-guard and gain an additional drive! This does not let it perform drive checks as a rear-guard, unless your vanguard’s drive check reveals the Over Trigger “Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa”!

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Power up your existing decks with these awesome cards too!
The cards listed below are only some of the examples, so do check out the other cards in this Booster Pack too to create the perfect deck based on your favorite vanguard!

Nation: Dragon Empire

Strong Fortress Dragon, Gibrabrachio
It won’t take long to divide and conquer with “Heavy Artillery of Dust Storm, Eugene” when you have this unit as an ally!

Use this unit’s ability wisely together with Eugene’s to whittle down the number of your opponent’s rear-guards, and then go for a powered-up attack when it restands!

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Nation: Dark States

Crimson Igspeller
Regardless of whether you’re on Team Bruce or Team Baromagnes, this is a good card to have in either deck!

Having enough cards in the soul is vital for both decks to exhibit their greatest potential, and this card makes this very goal much easier to attain! Not forgetting a 10k power-up to your vanguard if you decide to use its second ability too!

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Nation: Stoicheia

Diaglass Sorceress
In a deck based around “Hexaorb Sorceress”, having the right cards appear during its drive check is one of the keys to maximizing its potential, and this card facilitates that!

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Nation: Keter Sanctuary

Rogue Headhunter
This is a perfect card to go together with “Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga”, for the latter to work its magic!

When it appears on the field, it will subsequently cost you less Counter-Blasts to perform Zorga’s unique Alchemagic ability, which also means more cost available to stack on other combos! In addition, this unit gets a power up as long as an order card is played!

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Nation: Brandt Gate

Aurora Battle Princess, Perio Turquoise
With this card, it seems like your opponent will need to think twice on whether to send units back to the field!

This card has a nifty ability which decreases the power of imprisoned units when they return to the field as rear-guards! This is especially useful against situations where an opponent can easily call back units to field by paying the cost! In addition, this unit gets 5k power if there are two or more cards imprisoned in your Prison! Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

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Max your deck rarity with these ultra-collectible Dress Secret Rare (DSR) cards!

Both featuring original illustrations drawn by CLAMP!

Danji Momoyama and “Diabolos, “Violence” Bruce”

Tohya Ebata and “Apex Ruler, Bastion”

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