Notification of penalty (7th February, 2018)

In light of the evidence presented in the form of a video showing a player cheating during the BWC2015 European Continental Finals, we have decided to take action against this infraction.

Despite the incident taking place two years ago, we do not tolerate any form of cheating behaviors. As such, the player in question will be dealt with the following penalties:

  • Banned from taking part in Bushiroad organized tournaments with effect immediately till December 31, 2019. This includes all Bushiroad games but does not apply to shop tournaments
  • Termination of Judge Certification

We have noticed several harassment incidents happening with regards to this issue and would like to urge the community to refrain from carrying out any form of harassment as we do not condone such acts within the community.

Should such incidents arise again, we encourage the community to report these to Bushiroad and to not take matters into their own hands.

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