We are pleased to announce that in addition to the existing subtitled version, there will be an English dubbed version for the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD will+Dress animation series too!
The first episode will air on our YouTube channel from October 1, 9.00am PDT, and new episodes will be added weekly!

Broadcast Date
New episodes will air weekly on Saturdays! First episode will broadcast on:
PDT: October 1, 9.00am
EDT: October 1, 12.00pm
CET: October 1, 5.00pm
UTC: October 1, 4.00pm
UTC +8: October 2, 12.00am

Yu-yu Kondo: James Higuchi
Danji Momoyama: Josh Meredith
Tohya Ebata: Daniel Fong
Megumi Okura: Lily Pichu
Zakusa Ishigame: Hans Wackershauser
Tomari Seto: Brianna Johnston
Masanori Iseki: Scott Roberts
Mirei Minae: Emma Fowler Houghton
Urara Haneyama: Karin Kagami
Jinki Mukae: Joseph Girgis
Raika Koshiba: Alex Bergen
Michiru Hazama: Brett Bauer

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