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Even as the autumn leaves are falling, the idols of Lyrical Monasterio are enjoying the best summertime ever! With six new ride lines entering the fray, there’s so much to be excited about when it comes to this Lyrical Booster! Let’s see if these aspiring idols have what it takes to be the next big star!

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Lyrical Monasterio - Michu
Lyrical Monasterio - Mediell
Lyrical Monasterio - Kyouka
Lyrical Monasterio - Haseritt
Lyrical Monasterio - Lilfa
Lyrical Monasterio - Luticia

New Additions!

This set, we’ll be seeing six new ride lines for Lyrical Monasterio! Each of these idols have unique personalities and playstyles; there’s a popular demon all about the up and coming trends, a mysterious elf deeply involved in the dark arts, and a battleroid breaking the status quo of Lyrical Monasterio! Catch all of them in action when this set releases!

Two of Us, Flow, Two of Us, Rhyme, Nocturne of Flickering Lambency, Judith, and Greatest Star, Esteranza

This set, players can finally get their hands on Heal triggers with effects! While they have a lower base Shield, they can gain additional Shield if certain conditions are met! There’s also a reprint of key staples like Perfect Guards and Over Triggers, so you can definitely jump right in to build a Lyrical Monasterio deck of your liking!

As usual, there are cards that will also be available in FFR and FR rarity! Be treated to a full display of your favorite card arts, bedazzled with an elegant card border unique to Lyrical Monasterio!

Let’s also not forget the one-of-a-kind LSRs for all of the new idols! In the summertime of their youth, these ladies are enjoying themselves at Lyrical Monasterio’s pristine beaches! Don’t miss out on getting one of these extremely rare cards in your collection!

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Deck for ‘IridescencePalette, Haseritt’

Brand New Start, Haseritt, Bouncy Gait, Haseritt, Undecided True White, Haseritt, and IridescencePalette, Haseritt

Let’s first introduce the adorable Haseritt! “IridescencePalette, Haseritt” is the focal point for the deck: it enhances your rear-guards and readies them for battle; then, after they attack, you can draw a card and return them to the bottom of your deck! Haseritt also gains additional Power if you choose three or more cards with its effect, allowing it to be an equally dangerous vanguard!

As for Haseritt’s ride line, “Undecided True White, Haseritt” calls an ally to the field from hand when rode upon and cycles your deck! On the other hand, “Bouncy Gait, Haseritt” shares a similar ability to its grade 3 counterpart, except that it can only target one of your grade 2 or less units. These two cards facilitate an aggressive playstyle while conserving your hand size!

Adorable Shooter, Clanfelie, Any Color Bubbles, Shaelyn, Shape of Cat’s Cradle, Sylphia, and Munch Munch Lunch, Cowlina

Now, let’s take a look at Hazeritt’s best friends! “Adorable Shooter, Clanfelie” replenishes soul and superior calls a grade 3 with 12000 Power or less, a grade 2 with 9000 Power or less, or a grade 1 with 7000 Power or less from the top seven cards of your deck! If you chose not to call, you draw a card instead! Use Clanfelie to filter through your deck for other essential units that allow Hazeritt’s ability to shine!
While Hazeritt’s allies may have a weaker base Power, they make up for it with their abilities that pack a huge punch! “Any Color Bubbles, Shaelyn” is a strong booster that also moves your back row center rear-guard to an open front row rear-guard circle, generating another attack that is enhanced by Hazeritt! “Shape of Cat’s Cradle, Sylphia” and “Munch Munch Lunch, Cowlina” power up as your rear-guards return to the deck from Hazeritt’s ability; Sylphia can also return itself to the deck when its attack hits a vanguard to draw a card and Counter-Charge 1! (This effect can activate together with Hazeritt’s, allowing you to draw two cards!)

Energetic Attendance, Calfy

Energetic Attendance, Calfy

An attacker that you could consider is “Energetic Attendance, Calfy”! Introduced in Lyrical Trial Deck 01, this rear-guard strengthens itself for no cost when it enters the field. Calfy’s 10 000 base Power allows it to be superior called via Clanfelie’s ability, so it’ll be a great addition to your Hazeritt deck!

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Deck for ‘Grimoire Etoile, Luticia’

Physical Training from Scratch, Luticia, Studying In Even On Days Off, Luticia, Heavy Leaning on Expectations, Luticia, and Grimoire Etoile, Luticia

Next, we have the endearing and mysterious Luticia! This deck focuses on accumulating Cursed Play cards in your soul to enhance your allies’ offensive capabilities! By playing a normal order, “Grimoire Etoile, Luticia” gains extra Power; on attack, it also activates a variety of effects based on the number of Cursed Play cards in your soul! If you have two or more, you draw a card and give Luticia an extra +5000 Power; if you have four or more, Luticia restands again after that battle!

Luticia’s ride line serves an essential role for the functioning of the deck; when rode upon, “Staying In Even On Days Off, Luticia” searches for Cursed Play cards that can be immediately used! On the other hand, “Heavy Leaning on Expectations, Luticia” provides an alternative cost for riding your grade 3 Luticia from the ride deck to conserve hand cards!

Anathema Slap Twinkle, Cursed Sugar Sparkle, Overflow Happiness, Naustria, and Floating in Paradise, Ludivine

Let’s now understand how the Cursed Play cards work! They move into soul when played, increasing your soul count and empowering your cards that require Cursed Play accumulation! “Anathema Slap Twinkle” is a Blitz Order used to bolster your allies against enemy attacks; it can also draw a card if you have four or more Cursed Play cards in soul! There’s also “Cursed Sugar Sparkle”, which Soul-Charges while calling a card from soul to the field and empowering it!

Important allies for the deck are “Overflow Happiness, Naustria” and “Floating in Paradise, Ludivine”! Upon entering the field, Naustria can selectively add a card from the top three cards of your deck into soul; it also serves as a strong attacker for the deck, getting stronger as you fill your soul with Cursed Play cards! Ludivine also slots into the deck as an attacker, though it Soul-Blasts and requires two or more Cursed Play cards in your soul.

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Deck for ‘Highest Dreamer, Lilfa’

Super Large-scale Newbie! Lilfa, Extra-large Room, Lilfa, Best-love Moment, Lilfa, and Highest Dreamer, Lilfa

With a big personality, Lilfa is another up-and-coming idol on the scene! Like Bastion from Keter Sanctuary, Lilfa plays alongside other high grade allies to beat down opponents! “Highest Dreamer, Lilfa” confers Boost to all grade 2 or greater rear-guards to make super strong offensive columns; furthermore, it can return one column of rear-guards after attacking to call a grade 3 card from hand to the field! Overwhelm your opponent with your higher grade attackers quickly!

Lilfa’s ride line allows you to play aggressively in the early game! When rode upon, “Extra-Large Room, Lilfa” calls a higher grade ally to your center back row rear-guard circle and confer it Boost and draws a card! “Best-Love Moment, Lilfa” can then return that rear-guard back to hand when rode upon, allowing you to potentially reuse that ally’s on-place abilities!

Passionate Devotee, Sytreide, Favorite One, Fleurety, Early Afternoon Elegance, Racclene, and Almost Late! Prufla

Supporting Lilfa are a variety of grade 2 and 3 units! “Passionate Devotee, Sytreide” is a strong attacker that also draws a card when called during the main phase! You also have “Favorite One, Fleurety”; when activating Lilfa’s multi-attack ability, you can move Fleurety into soul, draw a card and call another grade 3 from hand to an open rear-guard circle to continue launching attacks!

There’s also “Early Afternoon Elegance, Racclene” that serves as a powerful booster for the deck! Finally, “Almost Late! Prufla” helps by regenerating soul and gaining Power to aid on offense!

Hoppin’ Stellar, Melty

Hoppin’ Stellar, Melty

A strong card to consider for this deck is “Hoppin’ Stellar, Melty”! Introduced in Lyrical Booster 02, this card is a mainstay in the Fortia deck with its signature Friend ability; however, its second ability allows it to be effective with Lilfa! By calling Melty during the main phase, you can call another unit with grade equal to or less than your vanguard from hand to the field! Then, you draw a card, effectively cycling through your deck and increasing board presence!

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Deck for ‘Fondant Solace, Mediell’

To Work Harder, Mediell, Sheltered Girl of the Pharmacy, Mediell, Making Smiles Bloom, Mediell, and Fondant Solace, Mediell

An idol with a petite figure and demure personality, Mediell is the next featured ride line! This deck has a mechanic similar to that of Great Nature’s “lottery”: you discard the top card of your deck, and perform an effect based on the discarded card’s card type! “Fondant Solace, Mediell” is the main card that uses this ability; if you discard a normal unit, you can put the revealed unit into your hand, call a card from drop to the field, and confer an extra Critical to it! On the other hand, discarding a trigger unit allows you to Counter-Charge 1 and call a card from drop to the field. You’ll be able to refill your board with important attackers like “Dearly Flower, Alisa”!

Both “Making Smiles Bloom, Mediell” and “Sheltered Girl of the Pharmacy, Mediell” help set up the deck’s game plan! When rode upon, the former sets up your drop and the top card of your deck so that you can use grade 3 Mediell effectively, while the latter allows for an aggressive start: it recalls a card from drop and gives you information on the top card of your deck! (However, you’ll have to Rest that called unit if you have a trigger on the top of the deck.)

Dearly Flowers, Alise, Meddlesome Wellness Committee, Phyllis, Solis Lacrima, Ninon, and Diva of Aptness, Astrid

Mediell’s bubbly and cheerful classmates help to bring the deck together! “Dearly Flowers, Alise” is the deck’s main attacker that can gain the ability to restand if it’s called by Mediell’s ability! There’s also “Meddlesome Wellness Committee, Phyllis” that reduces Mediell’s ability cost while serving as a helpful booster! “Solis Lacrima, Ninon” gives more information of the top card of your deck while replenishing soul, and “Dive of Aptness, Astrid” recalls itself to the field from drop when another unit is called to the field by Mediell’s ability!

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Deck for ‘#Make_A_Trend!! Kyouka’

#First_Step, Kyouka, #Ready_To_Go, Kyouka, #Hot_Stuff, Kyouka, and #Make_A_Trend, Kyouka

Storming onto the stage is the idol with a devilish grin: Kyouka! This deck focuses on building up a board full of units with grades 1 to 3, with the assistance of Magazine orders! With “#Make_A_Trend!! Kyouka”, you can declare a grade from 1 to 3, and from among the top five cards of your deck, either call a unit with that declared grade or put a Magazine order into your hand! Kyouka also confers a front row buff if you played a Magazine order that turn; with both abilities, you can easily form a threatening board!

Kyouka’s ride line is essential to the consistency of your game plan. When rode upon, “#Hot_Stuff, Kyouka” can grab a Magazine order from drop or from deck! On the other hand, “#Ready_To_Go, Kyouka” allows you to declare a grade from 1 to 3, and add a unit card with that grade or a Magazine order to hand from the top five cards of your deck.

Lyrical ShootingStarS, Blue Frontier, Arche, Mystica Pellucid, Jennifer, and Best Choice, Laudomia

For Kyouka, the Magazine order is a cornerstone of the deck. By playing it, you perform all of the effects according to the number of unit types. You can draw cards if you have two or more grade 1s, give an ally extra Power if you have two or more grade 2s, and Counter-Charge 1 if you have two or more grade 3 units. You’ll want to have this card on hand as much as possible to activate as many cards as possible!

Kyouka’s friends also help her out a lot! “Blue Frontier, Arche” is a powerful attacker that can also restand, “Mystica Pellucid, Jennifer” allows you to play a Magazine order directly from drop, and “Best Choice, Laudomia” can put a grade 2 or greater unit with a different name as your vanguard from drop to the top of your deck, just in time for Kyouka’s ability to come into play!

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Deck for ‘First to Head Towards a Dream! Michu’

Afternoon Dance Lesson, Michu, Happy Shopping! Michu, Sparkling Summer! Michu, and First to Head Towards a Dream! Michu

Last but not least, we have the idol from another land: Michu! Hailing from Brandt Gate, this battleroid brings guns and glory to Lyrical Monasterio! This deck focuses on launching Cannonballs to overwhelm your opponent with a barrage of attacks! Michu also has the Glitter effect, working together with Noqno to achieve victory!

If you have an “All Set Up!” order in your Order Zone, “First to Head Towards a Dream! Michu” draws a card, before calling or discarding a card from hand. Then, activate Michu’s Cannonball ability when attacking a vanguard to retire an enemy rear-guard and give it extra Power!

“Happy Shopping! Michu” helps to add the important “All Set Up!” Set Order from deck to hand, allowing you to start setting up Cannonball cards in your Order Zone as early as turn 1! “Sparkling Summer! Michu” furthers your game plan by either adding a Noqno or a Cannonball card to hand from the top five cards of your deck.

Flower Cannonball, Shy Vocal, Noqno, “All Set Up!, and Shutter Chance, Ilse

“Flower Cannonball” is the sole Cannonball order in the deck, giving the deck the oomph it needs for an explosive turn! It draws a card when it enters the Order Zone, and puts itself to drop when grade 3 Michu attacks, changing its Cannonball ability to heavily buff three units! A card that benefits from this buff is Michu’s buddy, “Shy Vocal, Noqno”. This card can recall itself from drop when a card enters the Order Zone; furthermore, Noqno can swap positions with your Michu vanguard after boosting to generate another vanguard attack! This unique style of attacking with your vanguard creates new interactions with your other cards! (For example, Noqno will keep its Power buffs after swapping, and it also bypasses enemy guardians that gain Shield when your vanguard is grade 3 or greater!)

“All Set Up!” is an important Set Order for the deck, allowing you to Soul-Charge and immediately put Cannonball orders from hand into the Order Zone as early as turn 1! There’s also “Shutter Chance, Ilse” that has on-hit pressure, being able to potentially add a Glitter card or a Set Order from the top five cards of your deck to hand if the attack it boosted hits a vanguard.

Strong attackers complementing Michu are cards like “Schedule Coordinating, Remery” and “Brighter than the Sun, Viine”. Both cards gain Power if your Order Zone has “All Set Up!”. For Remery, it can put a Cannonball in drop into your Order Zone if its attack hits, allowing you to draw a card and set up a destructive blow. While Viine doesn’t offer this level of Cannonball recycling, it can return a set order from drop to the bottom of your deck to get extra Power!

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Other Cards

Cooling Heart, Yuika, Approaching Summer, Aaltje, Large Wheel that Colors the Night, Palmira, and Clear Shimmer, Aura

There’s also amazing cards in this set that work with any deck! One of these is a card hyped up by many in the community: “Cooling Heart, Yuika”! By simply calling another unit in the same column as Yuika, it gains Power for free! Furthermore, it can return the rear-guard it boosted back to hand! Use Yuika to form efficient power columns and build up a strong hand! There’s also “Approaching Summer, Aaltje” that gains Power when called by your grade 3 or greater vanguard’s ability; it also buffs your vanguard when another ally is bounced back to hand! Aaltje works well in decks like Kairi and Lilfa, as returning allies back to hand is part and parcel of their offense!

“Large Wheel that Colors the Night, Palmira” is a simple generic that’s similar to “Stealth Dragon, Togachirashi”: by discarding it from hand during your turn, you can move it to soul. Use this card in decks that use soul quite heavily. Finally, you can use “Clear Shimmer, Aura” to search out order cards in your deck; decks like Loronerol, Luticia and Michu will use Aura effectively in their game plan!

Boisterous High Tension, Roxella, Favor To You, Lijdia, and Running High, Menia

This set also brings some helpful support to Fortia and Herminia! “Boisterous High Tension, Roxella” and “Running High, Menia” have the signature Friends effect, and gain Power to support your offense! In particular, Roxella can return another ally with the Friend ability in another column to hand if you have five or more other Friends to conserve hand!

“Favor To You, Lijdia” also helps in resource management for the deck! By boosting your vanguard, it gives your vanguard the ability to Counter-Charge 1 when its attack hits! With Fortia’s restand, you’ll definitely be able to regenerate face up damage on demand!

Immense Aptitude, Relie, Inconspicuous Ambuscade, Musela, and Fascinating Disposition, Varii

For Herminia, there is “Immense Aptitude, Relie” that can buff your vanguard and empty your soul. Furthermore, when Powerful is active, Relie gains Power on attack and can potentially perform drive checks when your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater.

By boosting Herminia, “Inconspicuous Ambuscade, Musela”’s Powerful ability buffs all your front row allies, and it Counter-Charges 1 after that battle as well! Finally, “Fascinating Disposition, Varii”’s Powerful ability strengthens another ally when the attack it boosted hits! Overall, these cards are strong additions that enhance Herminia’s offensive potency!

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The Standard format continues to diversify with a variety of playstyles and aesthetics! With this Lyrical Booster coming to stores on November 11th, devote yourself to these up-and-coming idols to prove their worth on the stage. Come and experience the wonders of Lyrical Monasterio!

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