Cardfight!! Vanguard Overdress - Festival Collection 2021

CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress is the latest iteration of the 10 year running game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Recently, the D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats and Five D Start Decks were released to usher in the new Standard format, and we’ve got to see new players, current players, and returning players alike experience the wonder of overDress these past months! Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner wanting to try out the game or an experienced veteran looking for a new way to enjoy Vanguard, we want to let you know that we value your commitment and dedication to this game. Thank you for supporting Cardfight!! Vanguard, and we hope that you will continue to experience fun and joy from playing the game with the rest of the community!

Now, let’s dive right into Festival Collection 2021! This Festival Collection is a special collector’s set, as many of the cards printed in the set are special rarity versions of important cards such as ride line units, support units and trigger units that were released in the 5 Start Decks. Most of these cards come are printed with RRR rarity, but there are some cards that have received the prestigious SP rarity card treatment. You can finally ‘bling’ out your deck and show off to your friends your love for the deck that you enjoy playing! Don’t forget to look out for all these special rarity cards in the set!

  • Diabolos Girls, Arianna
  • Apex Ruler, Bastion
  • Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus
  • From left to right: Diabolos Girls, Arianna in RRR rarity, Apex Ruler, Bastion in SP rarity, Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus in RRR rarity.

Furthermore, Festival Collection 2021 is also filled with some interesting new cards that players might consider using in their decks. Each nation receives two new cards that can support the current 10 ride lines. Let’s have a look at the ten new cards and understand their potential!

Dragon Empire

Psomophagy Dragon, Hungersaurus

As we tread the arid deserts of Dragon Empire, we encounter a ferocious beast that devours its prey viciously. Hungersaurus is a very cool card with a special ability that gives itself +5000 power during the player’s turn. In order for it to be able to attack the opponent’s vanguard, though, the opponent needs to have no front row rear-guards.

This card is a great addition for Eugene decks, and it could see play as an alternative to Stealth Rogue of Iron Blade, Oshikuni. Oshikuni’s +5000 power is only active if the opponent has two or less rear-guards, so based on the different circumstances on the battlefield, either card might be better than the other. Furthermore, this dinosaur is available in RRR rarity, so it will look extra intimidating when you call it to the battlefield!

Blaze Maiden, Mirin

Let’s head back to the Red Dawn Manor to visit a newly inducted Blaze Maiden! Mirin is an impactful support card that strengthens the Nirvana ride line. When a unit with the overDress ability attacks, the player can put Mirin into the Soul to give a unit with the overDress ability +5000 power until the end of the turn.

This unit is able to replenish Soul for field control cards like Vairina, allowing it to use its ability more often during the game. Furthermore, Mirin may come in handy when newer cards that rely heavily on Soul for their abilities are released. The power boost that Mirin gives is something that should not be taken lightly either! This +5000 power may just be the power needed for a Vairina Valiente to break through the opponent’s defenses and win the game!
Mirin has a lot of potential, even though her base Power of 6000 isn’t the most attractive. This card may be run as a 1 to 2-of in the deck to provide the offensive boost for overDress rear-guards to become more powerful.

Dark States

Diabolos Boys, Jared

We now make our way into the Dark States, where a new player is about to charge into the deadly sport of Gallows Ball. Jared’s first ability gives a unit with ‘Diabolos’ in its card name +10 000 power until the end of turn, for the cost of 1 Counter-Blast and 1 Soul-Blast, which can be used to buff up two key units that need high Power to put pressure on the opponent: Eden and Bruce. An extra 10 000 power on Eden, especially during a Persona Ride turn, would force more Shield from the opponent to guard Eden’s intimidating attack. Likewise, Bruce’s attack will be strengthened significantly with Jared’s help, as the card tends to hit lower numbers in comparison to other Diabolos supporting units.

Because the Diabolos ride line does not use Counter-Blast frequently and can easily generate enough Soul for Bruce, Jared’s ability will not put an unnecessary strain on resources.
Finally, this ability can still be used during non-Final Rush turns, which allows Diabolos players to pressure opponents even during the early game!

Jared’s second ability prevents the opponent from intercepting when it attacks during Final Rush turns. Don’t underestimate this simple ability; Intercept has become a lot more important in the Standard format especially against decks like Magnolia. Overall, Jared is a great card that may continue to see play even when newer cards are released due to how simple yet effective the card is.

Degrade Edge Dragon

As we travel through the abandoned districts of Dark States, we take heed of a dragon that has become worn down over many eons. Even so, it is still able to make its presence well known to its foes when it enters the battlefield! Degrade Edge Dragon is an interesting card that might see play in future Dark States decks. When called, the player may discard a card from their hand if their soul contains five or more cards to retire one of the opponent’s back row rear-guards. Degrade Age Dragon is able to provide field control against the opponent’s back row booster rear-guards that sometimes might be difficult to remove.

Given that Dark States decks are usually prone to aggressive maneuvers from the opponent, Degrade Edge Dragon can help to reduce some of that aggression so that these players can survive the early game long enough to counter-attack. Players could consider running this card as a 1-2 of in their decks. However, it’s important that players use this card wisely as it warrants a discard from their already small hand in order to activate.

Keter Sanctuary

Bowstring of Heavenly Peace, Affion

On the floating island of Keter Sanctuary, Bastion welcomes a new ally in the war against evil. Affion can gain +5000 power until end of turn for the cost of 1 Counter-Blast if the player has three or more G3 rear-guards. Furthermore, the player can draw a card if Persona Ride is active.

This card helps the player to cycle through the deck and increase hand size while bumping up its own power; these are important tools that Bastion decks need in order to shore up its defenses and filter the deck with more G3 units to activate Bastion’s ability. The +5000 power buff is something that helps this unit to attack the opponent for greater numbers.

Affion can be great in situations where Bastion players do not have the resources to use more impactful cards, such as Alden and Dark Strain Dragon. This card will still be able to create an offense that can prove to be dangerous even without the deck’s main offensive weapons.

Gold Gaon

Keter Sanctuary is also home to special High Beasts, and this new animal is regal and powerful. Gold Gaon is an interesting card with potential for future ride lines in Keter Sanctuary. When called to battle, the player may Soul-Blast 1 and call a grade 1 from hand to a rear-guard circle to give the called unit +5000 until end of turn.

As of now, this royal beast could be used in Hexaorb decks to increase the player’s board presence and buff units. Hexaorb players will definitely need a way to increase their board presence and their offensive power, and Gold Gaon will be able to assist them in that aspect. Of course, it’s important that players do not over-extend on their Soul and hand in order to use Gold Gaon as it is not as easy for Hexaorb players to replenish Soul and hand. Gold Gaon can be played as a 1-2 of in Hexaorb decks to create a field of units for an offensive strike!


Hydrorail Dragon

As we sail the frigid waters of Stoicheia, we encounter a majestic dragon battling against the tides. Hydrorail Dragon is a unique card that should be considered in Stoicheia decks. When its attack hits the opponent’s vanguard, the player may choose a grade 3 unit from the drop and add it to their hand. Of course, this unit will have to be retired for the cost.
Hydrorail Dragon’s main purpose is to fetch Persona Ride copies in the drop to be used on the following turn. This card’s utility allows it to be a significant problem for opponents, as they will be forced to guard this unit’s attack into the vanguard to prevent its ability from activating. Both Magnolia and Zorga will be able to use this card to gain access to Persona Ride copies more consistently. As such, it’s definitely worth considering picking up a few copies of this card to further improve both deck’s consistency in attaining Persona Ride.

Sylvan Horned Beast, Koocy

Walking through the thick and dense forestation of Stoicheia we encounter an adorable Sylvan Horned Beast that has hidden power residing in it. Koocy is a powerful creature that directly supports the Magnolia ride line.

Magnolia players will find that Koocy can be used frequently as an offensive piece. It can be a booster for Magnolia, pushing up its attack to 28 000 power (38 000 on Persona Ride), which makes for a formidable attack. It can also be used as an additional attacker with Magnolia’s ability, allowing it to reach 20 000 and make it annoying for the opponent to block its attack. Even though this card can only be called to the back row center rear-guard circle and cannot be ridden, the offense that Koocy provides in a more aggressive Magnolia deck could be the deciding factor in games.

Brandt Gate

Aurora Battle Princess, Spark Limone

The Aurora Battle Princesses will always be bringing in new, powerful recruits to fight against injustice, and Spark Limone is no exception.

Many players have figured out by now how to play around Seraph Snow’s abilities by removing their rear-guards from the Prison quickly, or avoiding the Imprison abilities of the Seraph Snow player’s cards by not calling too many rear-guards, or calling rear-guards that have abilities that prevent Seraph Snow players from choosing those units for their effects. Spark Limone helps to alleviate this problem, as the card is able to imprison two cards from the opponent’s drop when its attack hits. The Seraph Snow player can even choose which cards to Imprison from the opponent’s drop; this means that Seraph Snow players can choose to Imprison trigger units in the Prison, which the opponent may choose not to release from the Prison as they may hinder the game plan by filling up the battlefield unnecessarily.

As such, it becomes more achievable to put three or more of the opponent’s cards in the Prison, allowing Seraph Snow to consistently gain +10 000 power and an extra drive. Even though this ability only activates when Spark Limone’s attack hits, the opponent will be pressured to guard the attack coming from this card to prevent its ability from activating; this reduces Shield in the opponent’s hand to guard attacks from other units. As such, Spark Limone definitely is a must for Seraph Snow decks to pick up.

Twin Press Smasher

In the more dilapidated regions of Brandt Gate, we will see intimidating robots roaming freely. Twin Press Smasher is one of these automatons. This card can help Brandt Gate decks by acting as a field control option to remove the opponent’s key front row rear-guards.

Twin Press Smasher can be considered as a 1-2 of in both Brandt Gate decks for its field control ability. While Seraph Snow players already have cards that can Imprison the opponents’ cards, they do not have a retire option that effectively prevents most decks from reusing key cards. Twin Press Smasher can help to remove key attackers on the opponent’s field and make it more difficult for the opponent to form up an offense.

On the other hand, Orfist players can also consider running this card in their deck as they do not have a consistent field control option outside of the World Order: In the Darkness Nobody Knows. With this, Orfist players can remove one of the opponent’s front row rear-guards, and then activate Orfist’s second ability to call a Shadow Army token over this to maintain an offense.

Of course, running Twin Press Smasher would require players to be more mindful of their Counter-Blast usage, as well as their field formations as they still need to have attackers on their turn.


Overall, many of the newly revealed cards have their own ways of supporting the current 10 ride lines in the Standard format. Some of these cards bring immediate benefit to the decks that they are supporting, while others have the potential to become more powerful and impactful in the future as newer cards are released.

However, it cannot be denied that the card arts for all 10 new cards are amazing and impeccable. Of course, don’t forget that the main highlight of the Festival Collection set is the reprints of important cards in special rarity! You can get the special rarity versions of these cards to not only ‘bling’ your deck, but to also show your dedication to the game and love for the nation you represent! Festival Collection 2021 has already been released as of 25 June 2021, so you can go and get these wonderful cards now!

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