We are pleased to announce the launch of a new weekly mini animation series “mini vanguard Large”! The first episode will air on our YouTube channel from July 6th, 5.00am PDT, and new episodes will be added weekly!

Broadcast Date
(Japanese dubbed with English subtitles)
New episodes will air weekly! First episode will broadcast on:
PDT: July 6th, 5.00am
EDT: July 6th, 8.00am
CEST: July 6th, 2.00pm
UTC: July 6th, 12.00pm
UTC +8: July 6th, 8.00pm

The stage is set on a moon of Planet Cray, “Aniversario”.
To develop the moon, Selca summons Aichi, Chrono and friends
A large undertaking by familiar vanguard characters!

Production Crew
Original Work: Quily/Bushiroad
Supervising Producer: Akira Ito
Director: Tsukasa Nishiyama
Series Composition: Naotoshi Nakajima
Music Director: Takeshi Takadera
Animation Production: OLM
Animation Production Support: INFINITY VISION/DLE

Marie Mizuno as the voice of the Spirit from the moon “Aniversario”

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