Dear Cardfighters,

Thank you for your continuous support.
We are releasing this letter today, as we would like to address some of the concerns raised from the community recently.

1. Lyrical Booster 03 LSR Campaign
We always look for new ways to provide a fun and exciting experience, from new types of products to events, promotions, and advertisements. This was one of those attempts to do just that.
However, we now realize that it was not something that many of you found exciting, and we had failed to understand that. We would like to apologize, and will take this experience to improve in our future planning.
We still hope that you can give Lyrical Booster 03 a chance, as there are many unique features for this product.
We also noticed those who did like the campaign, and of course we hope you’re excited for the release too.

2. Card Errata
Errata on cards are needed whenever the final product ends up being different from what was intended due to various reasons such as grammatical errors, graphical errors, or mistranslations to name a few.
We acknowledge that it has been an ongoing issue, and the amount of errata has been extremely high in recent product releases. It is far from the standard that we strive for, and it hinders the play experience when many of the abilities operate differently from what is written on the card.
We previously announced for V Clan Collection Vol.5 and Vol.6 that we will conduct exchanges for the affected cards. This exchange will be available at official tournaments organized by Bushiroad, such as Bushiroad Spring Fest and Bushiroad Championship Series, starting from January 2023.
Additionally, we would like to announce that we will be conducting exchanges for the following cards. More details will be announced soon.

Card Number Card Name
D-SD05/009EN Craggy Beast, Girgrand
D-BT01/018EN, D-BT01/SP18EN Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine
D-BT02/019EN, D-BT02/SP19EN Ravenous Mutant, Marunorm
D-BT02/088EN Harming Bite Mutant, Zabocanni
D-BT05/036EN Adhesive Thread Monster, Actiasticky
D-TB03/158EN, D-TB03/SKR158EN Homing Pendulum
D-TD02/016EN, D-TD02/016EN-R Ultrasound Sirie
D-BT06/002EN, D-BT06/FFR02EN Brilliant Equip, Bram Vairina
D-BT06/003EN, D-BT06/FFR03EN Jeweled Sword Equip, Garou Vairina
D-BT06/005EN, D-BT06/FFR05EN Merciless Count, Botis
D-BT06/007EN, D-BT06/FFR07EN Galactic Hero, Unite Dianos
D-BT06/009EN, D-BT06/FFR09EN Galactic Hero, Direct Foriel
D-BT06/014EN, D-BT06/FFR14EN Performing Pedal, Diantha
D-BT06/015EN, D-BT06/FFR15EN Congratulatory Performance, Sucuse
D-BT06/022EN, D-BT06/FR02EN Sealed Blaze Dragon, Shabda
D-BT06/029EN, D-BT06/FR17EN Galactic Hero, Rampart Aspida
D-BT06/030EN, D-BT06/FR22EN Decisive Axe Dragon
D-BT06/031EN, D-BT06/FR23EN Octaray Sorceress
D-BT06/035EN, D-BT06/FR31EN In the Dim Darkness, the Frozen Resentment
D-BT06/041EN, D-BT06/FR12EN Diabolos Madonna, Shena
D-BT06/044EN, D-BT06/FR18EN Galactic Hero, Flatten Sufrey
D-BT06/055EN, D-BT06/FR35EN Spirits That Roam
D-BT06/070EN Phase Transition Dragon
D-BT06/079EN Galactic Hero, Wired Klosten
D-BT06/080EN Galactic Hero, Architect Paseel
D-BT06/081EN Capable Helper
D-BT06/082EN Galactic Hero, Purely Agno
D-BT06/087EN Hero Base “A.E.G.I.S.”

We have been adding measures and changing our process to improve our development and production quality, and we would like to seek your kind patience.

3. Distribution of PR cards
We understand that it has been difficult to obtain some of the recently released PR cards, and it is especially problematic when cards needed by many cardfighters are too limited in supply and/or distribution method.
As one such example, we would like to address the Tournament Store Boost PR Pack Campaign. The campaign’s idea was to support the tournament stores that are essential to the community, running official sanctioned tournaments and providing a place where cardfighters can gather. However, it has reduced accessibility to the game, especially for cardfighters who do not have a tournament store nearby.
To address this issue, we will include the PR cards as a box topper from Booster Pack 09 onward, making them available to everyone that purchases a box. In addition, tournament stores will receive PR packs that contain foil parallels of those PR cards. This means that cardfighters that purchase from tournament stores have extra opportunities to obtain these PR cards, through the box toppers within the box and the PR pack given by the tournament store. This way, we feel we can still support the tournament stores while not sacrificing on the accessibility too much.

We understand that we haven’t covered all of the concerns within the community at the moment. However, we would like to assure you that we consider all feedback that we receive, and will try to continuously provide the best experience possible.

Thank you again for your support, and we hope that you continue to enjoy Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Shunichi Taira
Bushiroad International Pte. Ltd. Chairman & CEO

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