Dear Cardfighters,

During the Bushiroad Championship Series 2019 Regional Championship at Chicago, IL on
August 25, 2019, an incident between two players occurred during a Cardfight!! Vanguard
Premium match. As there seems to be uncertainty within the community on the incident, we
have decided to release details to clarify on what happened and how it was resolved.

The following is a summary of the incident after investigation with the event staff and
1. Player A uses a Sentinel against Player B’s Rear-guard attack.
2. Player B performed a triple drive check, revealing 3 cards and putting them into hand.
3. Player A noticed the mistake and called over a judge.
4. As both players could verify what the illegally revealed cards were, this infraction falls
under 3.3.1. and of the floor rules for illegal game state and looking at cards in a
hidden zone. Since it was a reversible game state, the judge instructed Player B to place
back the revealed cards from the triple drive check back into Player B’s deck and shuffle.
5. Player B took 3 face down cards from hand to shuffle back into the deck.
6. The judges asked to verify whether those were the cards that were revealed, at which
point the cards were turned face up and both players realized those were not the cards.
7. The correct 3 cards were then identified, and Player B shuffled them back into the deck.
8. Player B was given a warning for the infraction, and the game proceeded.

The infraction was handled according to the floor rules, and judges were present
throughout the entire process to resolve the situation. We do not see anything at this time
that requires further action to be taken.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all players to call a judge whenever
there is a problem during a tournament, and players have the right to appeal to the head
judge whenever they have any uncertainty regarding a ruling made by a floor judge.

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