Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series 06: Stand Up Deckset “Gramgrace”

Release Date October 6th, 2023
Featured Nations Keter Sanctuary
Card Types ・Pre-Constructed Deck: 18 Types (4 New cards + 14 Reissue cards)
※New cards include grade 0 to 2 cards for ride deck (1 piece each) + 1 rear-guard card (4 pieces)
・Extra Cards: 5 Types (5 Reissue cards)
※Extra cards are cards used to strengthen the deck.
※All cards included in this product are printed with normal treatment.
Others 1 Deckset contains:
・1 Pre-constructed Deck (50 Cards) + Extra Cards (5 Cards)
・1 Short Storage Box
・1 Deck Holder
・1 Card Sleeves (53 Pieces)


Production quantities limited!

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