Fighters Collection 2014

Release Date November 7, 2014
Featured Clans All 23 clans excluding:
ー Etranger
Card Types 37 types of cards in total (New cards:30 types + SP cards: 7 types [Parallel])
Others 1 pack contains 3 random cards/ 1 display contains 10 packs
Each pack contains 3 RRR (Triple Rare) or above cards!!
At least 1 card from all 23 clans (excluding Etranger) is included in this product!
Due to the nature of this product, there may be a higher number of certain cards compared to others, and there is a high possibility that it may be difficult to collect all types of cards.
This product is not to be confused with the normal Booster Pack, or Extra Booster Pack.

Enhance your deck with exclusive cards from this year’s VGE-FC02: Fighters Collection 2014!

VGE-FC02 introduces exciting new Grade 3 RRR card formats for all 23 clans except the <<Etranger>> clan!
Cards with the brand new Legion skill will make their first appearance in this collection!
Popular cards like “Majesty Lord Blaster” will also be reprinted in a new RRR format!
Let’s complete your deck with these limited edition card formats!!

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