Cardfight!! Vanguard G Trial Deck Vol. 4: Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits

Release Date April 17, 2015
Featured Clans Aqua Force
Card Types 2pc G-TD04/001EN Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon
2pc G-TD04/002EN One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas
4pc G-TD04/003EN Titan of the Beam Fists
2pc G-TD04/004EN Batteryboom Dragon
4pc G-TD04/005EN Kelpie Rider, Denis
2pc G-TD04/006EN Battle Siren, Rohde
2pc G-TD04/007EN Magnum Assault
2pc G-TD04/008EN Hydro Hammer Sailor
4pc G-TD04/009EN Kelpie Rider, Polo
4pc G-TD04/010EN Railgun Assault
2pc G-TD04/011EN Gundiver Dracokid
2pc G-TD04/012EN Battle Siren, Phaidra
3pc G-TD04/013EN Minestar Trooper
1pc G-TD04/014EN Officer Cadet, Andrey
4pc G-TD04/015EN Bubble Bazooka Dracokid
4pc G-TD04/016EN Rainbow Sniper
2pc G-TD04/017EN Keen Eyed Seahorse Soldier
4pc G-TD04/018EN Battle Siren, Carolina
2pc G-TD04/019EN Officer Cadet, Alekbors
Others 1 set contains 52 cards

Harness the power of the ocean with new character, Jaime Alcaraz’s VGE-G-TD04 [Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits] Trial Deck!!

Witness the newfound strength of the <<Aqua Force>> units in the latest Cardfight!! Vanguard G arc!!

Watch as they don a new appearance and attain greater power from the “Stride” mechanic!!

This pre-constructed Trial Deck can be used out of the box and comes with exclusive Trial Deck only cards which will delight new and veteran players alike!

Product Specifications

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Trial Deck Vol. 4: Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits

VGE-G-TD04 Kumitate

  • 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 52 pre-set cards/ 1 display contains 6 decks
  • 19 types of cards (All trial deck exclusives, inclusive of 4 holo cards)
  • Starter’s guide and playmat are included.

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