Trial Deck Vol.05: Slash of Silver Wolf

Release Date May 12, 2012
Featured Clans Gold Paladin
Card Types 1pc TD05/001EN Great Silver Wolf, Garmore
2pc TD05/002EN Sleygal Double Edge
4pc TD05/003EN Battlefield Storm, Sagramore
4pc TD05/004EN Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains
1pc TD05/005EN Sleygal Sword
4pc TD05/006EN Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion
2pc TD05/007EN Charging Chariot Knight
4pc TD05/008EN Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
4pc TD05/009EN Evil Slaying Swordman, Haugan
2pc TD05/010EN Precipice Whirlwind, Sagramore
2pc TD05/011EN Charjgal
2pc TD05/012EN Blessing Owl
1pc TD05/013EN Silver Fang Witch
1pc TD05/014EN Grassland Breeze, Sagramore
4pc TD05/015EN Slient Punisher
4pc TD05/016EN Weapons Dealer, Gwydion
4pc TD05/017EN Fortune Bell
4pc TD05/018EN Elixir Sommelier
Others 50 cards in this set

Gold Paladin

All new [LIMIT BREAK] Ability!!

50 card, pre-constructed decks of the 2 new clans; Gold Paladin and Narukami.
Quick manual and playmat included to assist new players in starting the game as well.

Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary from image shown.

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