Trial Deck Vol. 17: Will of the Locked Dragon Release date: November 21, 2014

Join Aichi Sendou and put your determination to the test with VGE-TD17: Will of the Locked Dragon!!

Witness the prowess of the sinister <<Link Joker>> clan as they acquire the powers of the Legion skill!

This pre-constructed Trial Deck can be used out of the box and comes with exclusive Trial Deck only cards which will delight new and veteran players alike!

Cards from VGE-TD17 can also be used to strengthen existing <<Link Joker>> decks!!

Product Specifications
Trial Deck Vol. 17: Will of the Locked Dragon
VGE-TD17 50 cards in this set
  • 1pc TD17/001EN Star-vader, Garnet Star Dragon
  • 4pc TD17/002EN Star-vader, Graviton
  • 2pc TD17/003EN Heavy Blast Star-vader, Berkelium
  • 4pc TD17/004EN Bomber Star-vader, Magnesium
  • 1pc TD17/005EN Companion Star Star-vader, Photon
  • 1pc TD17/006EN Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon
  • 2pc TD17/007EN Star-vader, Sinister Eagle
  • 4pc TD17/008EN Star-vader, Stronghold
  • 4pc TD17/009EN Star-vader, Satellite Mirage
  • 4pc TD17/010EN Throwing Star-vader, Thorium
  • 4pc TD17/011EN Mana Shot Star-vader, Neon
  • 2pc TD17/012EN Star-vader, Crumble Mare
  • 1pc TD17/013EN Aperture Star-vader, Quantum
  • 4pc TD17/014EN Star-vader, Apollonel Dragon
  • 4pc TD17/015EN Vortex Star-vader, Molybdenum
  • 4pc TD17/016EN Star-vader, Gammadile
  • 4pc TD17/017EN Star-vader, Pixie Powder
  • 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 50 pre-set cards/ 1 display contains 6 decks
  • 17 types of cards (All Trial Deck exclusives, inclusive of 3 holo cards)
  • Starter’s guide, Playbook, and playmat are included.
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