English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Booster 04: The Answer of Truth

Release Date January 18th, 2019
Featured Clans Gear Chronicle, Genesis, Great Nature
Card Types 68 new cards (VR: 3 / RRR: 6 / RR: 8 / R: 14 / C: 37) + SVR: 3 [3 Parallel] + OR: 3 [3 Parallel]
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!
Others - 1 pack contains 7 random cards
- 1 display contains 12 packs
Campaign -

Number of VRs included is increased! Each box comes with either 1 VR or 1 SVR! (※This applies to this booster and all subsequent extra boosters)
This product is recommended for experienced players due to the characteristics of the clans featured.
Decks of each clan can be constructed with just this product! (Trigger units and first vanguards featured)
The OR for 《Gear Chronicle》 will come with the new illustration as it is a new unit.
Each box will include a pack of 3 Gift Markers
(1 each for “Force”, “Accel”, and “Protect”, with 1 of them being a unit illust version)

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