English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series 05 “Premium Collection 2020″

Release Date August 7th, 2020
Featured Clans All 24 clans excluding:
ー Touken Ranbu
ー Etranger
※ Includes 8 types of Cray Elemental
Card Types 57 types of cards (all new cards)
Others 1 pack contains 3 random cards
1 display contains 10 packs

・Featuring brand new G units for the 24 clans (※) in the Premium format!!
・Introducing a new G unit for《Cray Elemental》, that is the key card of its own deck!!
・Also featuring brand new critical trigger for the 24 clans (※) in the Premium format!
・This product cannot be used in the Standard format.
・This product is for Premium format only.
※ 24 clans excluding Touken Ranbu and Etranger


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