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2016/02/24 Column


Bushiroad Spring Fest ヽ(o^―^o)ノ

Author: lactariusindigo




Feb 27-28

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center

100 CNN Center NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Feb 27Registration: 9-10am
Start: 10:30am

Feb 28Registration: 9-10am
Start: 10:30am

Feb 28Registration: 9-10am
Start: 10:30am

It’s approaching the end of February, and we are about to have our first Bushiroad Spring Fest event (BSF) 2016 in Atlanta, USA!

As BSF2016 is holding the Team League tournament for Cardfight!! Vanguard, do remember to grab your friends to form a team of 3 before participating! Please note that each team member will need to use a different clan.

If you would like to prepare your deck list beforehand, you may click here to download the deck registration form for Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League.

For players living in Asia-Oceania and Europe, BSF2016 will start in March and April respectively! Please visit the BSF2016 page and mark the dates on your calendar!



Mar 26-27

Pluit Village Mall

Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota, Jakarta 14450



Apr 16-17

Kaissa Cafe

Mesogeion 12, Ampelokipoi, Attiki, Athens 11527

Bushiroad Online Shop! Let’s Go Shopping!

The Bushiroad Online Shop was launched last July and has since expanded its delivery coverage to include Singapore, USA and Canada. We are currently working to deliver our products to more countries in the coming months so please look forward to that!

In 2015, we introduced the event collection option for selected Bushiroad World Championship Regional Qualifier locations. This year, we will be continuing the event collection option for BSF2016 as well! This means that, for a small shipping and handling fee, you may choose to collect your items at selected BSF2016 locations. Moreover, by simply spending S$100 in a single order, you can have that shipping and handling fee waived!

Please find a list of selected locations below. We are in the midst of preparing the system, thus the event collection option will be open soon! [Update: the event collection option is up!]

Event Collection at Events in North/Latin America [OPEN SOON]
BSF2016 Locations Event Dates Event Collection Order Deadline
USA/Illinois – Chicago Mar 26-27 09:59 CST March 2, 2016
Mexico – Mexico City Apr 9-10 10:59 CDT March 13, 2016
Canada – Toronto Apr 23-24 11:59 EDT March 27, 2016
USA/California – Anaheim May 7-8 09:59 PDT April 17, 2016
USA/New York – White Plains May 28-29 09:59 EDT May 8, 2016
USA/Texas – Austin Jun 11-12 10:59 CDT May 22, 2016

USA/Ohio – Colombus

Jun 18-19

09:59 EDT May 29, 2016

Event Collection at Events in Europe [OPEN SOON]
BSF2016 Locations Event Dates Event Collection Order Deadline
Greece – Athens Apr 16-17 18:59 EEST March 27, 2016
Belgium – Brussels Apr 23 17:59 CEST April 3, 2016
France – Paris May 7-8 17:59 CEST April 17, 2016
Germany – Munich May 21-22 17:59 CEST May 1, 2016
Italy – Rome May 22 17:59 CEST May 1, 2016
Spain – Madrid Jun 11 17:59 CEST May 22, 2016
United Kingdom – Cardiff Jun 18-19 16:59 BST May 29, 2016

United Kingdom – Huddersfield

Jun 18-19

16:59 BST May 29, 2016

Event Collection at Events in Asia-Oceania [OPEN SOON]
BSF2016 Locations Event Dates Event Collection Order Deadline
Indonesia – Jakarta Mar 26-27 22:59 WIB March 9, 2016
Philippines – Metro Manila Apr 16-17 23:59 PHT March 27, 2016
Australia – Sydney Apr 23-24 1:59 AEST April 4, 2016
Indonesia – Surabaya Apr 24 22:59 WIB April 3, 2016
New Zealand – Auckland Apr 24 03:59 NZST April 3, 2016
Malaysia – Selangor May 28-29 23:59 MYT May 1, 2016

Meanwhile, do you still remember the “Wear Your Favorite Clan – Part 1” voting campaign we conducted last December? A total of 12 clans participated in the voting campaign and the most popular clans were announced in last month’s column. Now, we will be introducing the T-shirt designs for the top 3 clans: ≪Royal Paladin≫, ≪Kagero≫ and ≪Gear Chronicle≫!

Royal Paladin
Gear Chronicle

We happily summoned our “office models” for an excursion in these T-shirts. Don’t they look cool?

VG T-shirt Photo

The final products may look different from the samples in the above picture.

These T-shirts will be available at the Bushiroad Online Shop in March. Each design will be in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Yes, there will be a total of 7 sizes and lots of choices for everyone!

Stay tuned to our official websites and social media channels for the official release of these T-shirts! This is all for this week’s column, and see you again next Friday!



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