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Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate!!

Author: Peanut

The Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis animation draws to a close this week! Are you excited to watch the finale?! The outcome of the climactic battle will be revealed, so do stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the next Cardfight!! Vanguard G season has already been announced! Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate will be airing very soon, and will continue from where Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis left off.

Here’s a brief introduction of the new season!

“Cardfight!! Vanguard”.
The card game with millions of players all over the world, is always thrilling people and nurturing bonds…

In the major event organized by the Federation of International Vanguard Associations, the “Generation Quest”, Chrono, Shion and Tokoha have overcome many trials to achieve victory as Team TRY3.

The Generation Quest has also been used to summon unit after unit of the <<Gear Chronicle>> Zodiac Time Beasts to Earth. When they have all been gathered under Ryuzu Myoujin, his terrible ambition will be fulfilled!

In order to protect the bonds they have with the units they love, Kouji Ibuki and his comrades take action to stop that ambition from coming to pass, but opposing them is a mysterious group that agrees with Ryuzu’s ideals and ambition, “Company”.

What is Ryuzu’s ambition of a “perfect future”?
The time has finally come for a direct confrontation, with their futures and beliefs on the line!!

YouTube Logo Sunday 11:00am JST
Sunday 10:00am SGT
Sunday 4:00am CEST
Saturday 7:00pm PDT

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate Japanese-dubbed episodes will be available on the Official Cardfight!! Vanguard YouTube Channel from next weekend onwards with English subtitles. Stay tuned!



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G-LD02 The Overlord blaze “Toshiki Kai” – Preview

Author: Ronin

Today, we also have a preview for the upcoming Legend Deck release, Cardfight!! Vanguard G Legend Deck Vol. 2: The Overlord blaze “Toshiki Kai”! This premium release features the Kagero clan that Kai is famed for, and includes many familiar units who have gained new powers and evolved into new forms.

As with the previous Legend Deck, a foiled copy of every card type will be included. Players will also stand a chance to receive an exclusive hot-stamped card (randomly inserted into decks)! Apart from the pre-constructed deck, the Legend Deck also contains a specially designed deck holder, Fighters Counter, Toshiki Kai clan card, and 2 non-foiled PR copies of the fearsome “Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “the Ace””!!

Here’s a quick peek at what’s appearing in the deck.

Lizard General, Conroe

Kagero decks utilize Counterblast at a very heavy rate, so Lizard General, Conroe’s ability to Counter Charge 2 is definitely welcome. An important thing to note is that the ability is not 1/Turn, which means that whenever your “Overlord” vanguard attacks, you get to Counter Charge 2! Lizard General, Conroe also allows the player to search their deck for a card with “Overlord” in its card name when it enters the rear-guard circle from the player’s hand. As many effects rely on the player having an “Overlord” vanguard, or having an “Overlord” or a <Flame Dragon> in the hand, this effect will definitely come in handy at every stage of the game.

Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem

Another familiar unit! Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem gains additional power on your turn when you have an “Overlord” vanguard, and even gains additional power when your grade 4 or greater vanguard attacks. This ability is not restricted to 1/Turn either, so cards like Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “the Ace” that can attack multiple times work well with Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem!

Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express

Nouvelle Vague entered the scene quite explosively with its powerful effects and high base power back in Extra Booster Pack Vol. 9: Divine Dragon Progression. Now, it has surpassed itself to become an even greater threat as a G unit! It prevents the opponent from using grade 1 to guard its attack, and it also prevents the opponent from activating trigger effects at 5 damage. These are effects that it did have before, but now with Triple Drive!!! and a much higher base power, your opponent will be hard-pressed indeed to guard against Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express’s attack.

Dragonic Overlord “The Legend”

Dragonic Overlord literally becomes a legend with this powerful new form. Its effect allows it to gain +15000 power, +1 grade, +1 drive and an upgraded ability from the very first Dragonic Overlord! When it attacks a rear-guard, at the end of that battle, this unit can put itself to Stand, ready to attack again. As we’ve seen above with Lizard General, Conroe and Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem, there are effects that can activate multiple times when your vanguard attacks repeatedly, so your opponent will be dealing with an onslaught of effects each time Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” attacks!

And that’s a wrap for today’s article! Stay tuned for more Cardfight!! Vanguard articles same time next week!



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