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2016/08/19 Column


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Episode 45: Deus Ex Machina

Ibuki has become an “outsider” that isn’t influenced by Ryuzu’s imagination, thanks to the device that Shinonome had prepared. Upon reaching the lone Ryuzu, he risk his all in a challenge to a fight!

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Shadowstitch, Dark Device & Success

– Preview of G Technical Booster Vol. 2: The GENIUS STRATEGY

Author: WinterHartz

The GENIUS STRATEGY, the 2nd Technical Booster of Cardfight!! Vanguard G, is definitely a must-have for genius and strategic cardfighters. G-TCB02 introduces 3 new abilities for the 3 clans featured: Shadowstitccth for <<Murakumo>>, Dark Device for <<Megacolony>> and Success for <<Great Nature>>. As usual, let’s have a preview of some of the cards in this technical booster!

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Ambush Demon Stealth Rouge, Yasuie Tenma / Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi / Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen

Shadowstitch is a special ability that is exclusive to the clan, <<Murakumo>>. It is an ability performed by Murakumo units when they attack a Vanguard and the attack does not hit it.

Ambush Demon Stealth Rouge, Yasuie Tenma is a new <<Murakumo>> G unit that empowers its allies with this special ability. As long as the attack of any of your rear-guards does not hit a vanguard, you can search your deck for another card with the same name as that unit and call it to a rear-guard circle. It is a devastating ability which allows more attacks to happen the more your opponent attempts to defend!

A greater way to elevate this pressure with Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi. Not only does it give itself [Power] +2000 when it appears on the rear-guard circle, it gleans the player additional advantage when its attack does not hit as well. It allows the player to counter-charge 1 and give one other unit [Power] +2000. It gains a further boost with Yasuie Tenma on the field, as it can attack your opponent’s rear-guard in the back row as long as you have a Grade 4 Vanguard that has “Yasuie” in its name.

Another notable example of this ability is Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen. At the end of a battle that this unit boosted and the attack did not hit, you can move this unit to another open rear-guard circle and Stand it. This allows you to reuse this card’s ability multiple times as long the attacking unit does not hit the Vanguard, resulting in a high-pressure cycle of attacks that will put your opponent a pinch.

Dark Device

Dark Device is a special ability that is held by <<Megacolony>>. These abilities can be used as long as your opponent have no units in [Stand] in the same column as your units with Dark Device.


Merciless Mutant Diety, Darkface / Punish Stag / Vulcan Lafertei

Merciless Mutant Diety, Darkface is a new <<Megacolony>> G unit that can potentially seal your opponent’s moves and abilities. You can choose a rear-guard on your opponent’s field for each face up “Merciless Mutant Diety, Darkface” in your G zone, and until the end of your opponent’s next turn, those chosen units cannot Intercept and cannot be chosen for card abilities and costs. Not only does this ability block off your opponent’s front line defences, but also prevent any boost from trigger effects and also abilities like Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”.

Punish Stag supports the key abilities of <<Megacolony>> units and is an accomplice of “Darkface”. When your vanguard has “Darkface” in its card name, this unit gets [Power] +2000 and you can give an ability to an opponent’s rear-guard that allows you to draw a card if that rear-guard is in rest at the end of their turn. It even prevents the chosen unit from being put to [Stand] during the next Stand Phase!

Vulcan Lafertei also provides a nice advantage at the start of your Main Phase when Dark Device is active; you can counter-charge 1, and via this effect’s cost, also you get an additional card in soul. When your vanguard is “Darkface”, this unit cannot be chosen by your opponent’s unit’s effects, and your opponent’s units in the same column as this unit cannot [Intercept].


Success is an ability that is unique to <<Great Nature>>. Abilities with “Success” activate when any one of your rear-guard’s power becomes the same as or greater than the specified number.


Lifelong Honorary Professor, Silvest / Field Glass Otter / Watering Elephant

Lifelong Honorary Professor, Silvest is a good example of the “Successful” ability if you want a G unit that can attack for huge numbers. When you have 3 or more rear-guards, this unit gains [Power] +10,000 and you can get to draw a card just by ensuring that this unit becomes “Successful”.

Field Glass Otter helps to power up a rear-guard when it appears on the field, but that unit will be retired at the end of the turn. At the end of your turn, if this unit is successful, you can even send it back to your hand and reuse its ability multiple times!

Watering Elephant’s ability helps you retain key units that are retired during the end phase by sending itself to the soul as a cost if it is “successful”. Considering the abundance of abilities that force the player to retire their own units during the end phase in <<Great Nature>>, another avenue to return units to the field is definitely welcome!




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