Cardfighter’s Column – 2016.08.26

2016/08/26 Column


New Episode This Weekend!

Episode 46: Blazing Sword

The time has come for all the various fates to be settled! In the face of Shinonome’s bragging that he can even shape Shion’s destiny as he pleases since all that belonged to the Kiba family in his hands, Shion…

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Events in September


Hi guys, it’s Friday!!

To celebrate the end of the week, let’s take a look at the upcoming events starting from end of August!

Bushiroad World Championship



Aug 27-28

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center

100 CNN Center, Atlanta, GA 30303

United Kingdom


Aug 27-28

Strategy GameCon at Telford International Centre

St Quentin’s Gate, Telford, Shropshire, TE3 4JH

First and foremost, Bushiroad World Championship!

Bushiroad World Championship have kick-started in North America first, and the Regional Qualifiers held in New York and Puerto Rico have been taken by storm!! Coming Up next will be the USA/Georgia Qualifier, as well as in Europe we will be hitting United Kingdom first!!

The UK Regional Qualifier will take place at the Table Top Gaming Event, STRATEGY! For Bushiroad World Championship participants, a separate entry from the rest of the card game tournaments will be given! Bushiroad tournaments!

In addition, for players who have been crowned the champions in the UK Store Championship Circuit, you will not want to forget your certificate to be entitled to the automatic byes for the 1st two elimination rounds!! Remember to bring it!

Store Championship Circuit

2016 UK

Click to go to the event page.


Click to go to the event page.


Cardfight!! Vanguard Circuit
Future Card Buddyfight Circuit

With the hype from the World Championship, I’m sure Cardfighters from all around the World are inching to start the fight!

Here, we are calling out to all players residing in Germany. Jetzt ist die Zeit! And Singapore, this is a chance for you to warm up before the actual Championship!

We will be holding the Germany Store Championship Circuit starting from Cologne (Köln) next weekend, followed by Berlin and Düsseldorf a week later! On September 17 and October 1 respectively, Munich (Müchen) and Hamburg will follow after!

This SAME circuit will come to Singapore too, together with Future Card Buddyfight! With around 15 participating shops around the whole island, this will be definitely a place for you to test your skill! The champion from each participating shop in Singapore will enjoy one automatic bye in Singapore Regional Qualifier at the end of October! Great, isn’t it!!

Token Usage at Regional Qualifiers

We have received enquiries on the usage of the tokens during BWC2016 regional qualifiers. Starting from this weekend’s qualifiers, tokens will be allowed to use in all levels of tournaments for Cardfight!! Vanguard. The Bushiroad Advanced TCG Floor Rules has been updated with this information, so please check out the Floor Rules for more detailed information.

Madman Anime Festival X Bushiroad World Championship Australia Qualifier



Sep 3-4

Madman Anime Festival at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006

Players residing in Melbourne, Australia!! Don’t Worry! We are not missing you out!!

Coming in a week’s time, it’s the Madman Anime Festival on the 3rd and 4th September! This year, together with the organizers of Madman Anime Festival, we are bringing the BWC2016 Australia Qualifier into this LIVELY Event! YAY!

Besides the World Championship, Cardfight!! Online, Luck & Logic and Ascendants of Aetheros demonstrations will be at the booth too! So feel free to drop by the booth to have a try!

Meanwhile, Sora Tokui, the voice actress of “Nico Yazawa” from Love Live! School idol project and “Chloe Maxwell” from Luck & Logic, will conduct autograph sessions as well as Guest Q&A sessions on both days! Purchase AUD50 worth of merchandise of merchandise at Bushiroad Booth to get the autograph token. The number of tokens issued per day are limited, so grab your merchandises early!


We will be having a range of latest Love Live! Merchandise on sale at Bushiroad Booth as well, including the latest version of vertical posters, ring-bind notebooks, acrylic key rings, Shikishi pads and tapestries for both μ’s and Aqours. Do check out the booth to grab the items you like in the midst of the tournament!

Best of Anime

On September 17 & 18, in Philippines, Bushiroad will be present at the Best of Anime, with exclusive Love Live! Merchandise, demonstrations for Cardight!! Online, and workshops for Luck & Logic and Ascendants of Aetheros!

Come on and check us out here too!

That’s all we have for now! With so many events coming up, take this opportunity to explore the world and meet new friends! We look forward to meet everybody at the events!!

Till Next Time!



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