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Extra pack / Extra booster - [G-CB04] Gear of Fate

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Card Image
Card Name Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon
Expansion [G-CB04] Gear of Fate
Card No. G-CB04/008EN Unit G Unit
Grade 4 Nation
Clan Gear Chronicle Race Gear Dragon
Rarity RR Trigger -
Power - Shield 15000
Critical Skill Icon -
Text [G Guardian](Usable when both fighters' vanguards are grade 3 or greater, and the number of face up G guardians in your G zone is three or less)-Opponent Turn's Guard Step-[Choose a card with "[Heal] Heal" from your hand, and discard it] Call this card to your (GC) from face down.
[AUTO]:[Soul-Blast 1] When this unit is placed on (GC), if you have a vanguard with "Chronojet" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards. Your opponent returns that unit to his or her deck, shuffles his or her deck, looks at the top card of his or her deck, and calls it to (RC).
Flavor Text The howling raging shield opposes "the established future".
Illustrator かわすみ
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
G-CB04/001EN G Unit Deus Ex Machina, Demiurge 4
G-CB04/001EN SGR G Unit Deus Ex Machina, Demiurge 4
G-CB04/002EN G Unit Chronotiger Rebellion 4
G-CB04/003EN G Unit Chronodragon Gear Groovy 4
G-CB04/004EN Normal Unit Ephemeral Wand Dragon 3
G-CB04/005EN Normal Unit Prospatheia Idea-drone 3
G-CB04/006EN Normal Unit Delayed Blazer Dragon 2
G-CB04/007EN G Unit Interdimensional Beast, Pandora Chimera 4
G-CB04/008EN G Unit Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon 4
G-CB04/009EN Normal Unit Steam Tamer, Nanni 2


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