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Trial deck - Resonance of Thunder Dragon

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Card Image
Card Name Red River Dragoon
Expansion Resonance of Thunder Dragon
Card No. TD06/008EN Unit Normal Unit
Grade 1 Nation
Clan Narukami Race Human
Rarity TD Trigger -
Power 8000 Shield 5000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Flavor Text Dragon souls are eternal and immortal. Because of this belief, the morale of the Dragon Empire never wavers.
Illustrator 竜徹
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
TD06/001EN Normal Unit Thunder Break Dragon 3
TD06/002EN Normal Unit Djinn of the Lightning Flash 3
TD06/003EN Normal Unit Plasmabite Dragon 3
TD06/004EN Normal Unit Thunderstorm Dragoon 2
TD06/005EN Normal Unit Shieldblade Dragoon 2
TD06/006EN Normal Unit Djinn of the Lightning Flare 2
TD06/007EN Normal Unit Brightjet Dragon 2
TD06/008EN Normal Unit Red River Dragoon 1
TD06/009EN Normal Unit Lizard Soldier, Riki 1
TD06/010EN Normal Unit Lightning of Hope, Helena 1


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