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[VGE-V-BT11] Storm of the Blue Cavalry

Measured Fossa
Measured Fossa

Normal Unit
Great Nature
High Beast
Grade 2
Power 9000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed from hand, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], look at two cards from the top of your deck, call up to one card from among them to (RC), and put the rest into your drop zone.
[AUTO](RC)[1/turn]:When it attacks, if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, [COST][Soul-Blast 1], choose one of your rear-guards, it gets [Power] +10000 until end of turn, and at the end of that turn, retire that unit.
Measure, calculate, and take action based on the hypothesis.

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11-20-2020 [VGE-V-BT11] Storm of the Blue Cavalry Card List Product Page

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