Deck Recipe

Re:Panda's Success Story

Deck Recipe Re:Panda's Success Story

Clan: Great Nature

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Famous Professor, Bigbelly

Famous Professor, Bigbelly
During each battle phase or end phase, you may draw a card if your rear-guard is retired by a card's ability!
In addition, when it attacks, Stand one of your rear-guards of 20000 Power or more! If you have a grade 3 in soul, you can stand all rear-guards of 20000 Power or more!
Raise the power of your rear-guards so that it exceeds 20000, and aim for continuous attacks!

Measured Fossa

Measured Fossa
When placed from hand, look at two cards form the top of your deck and call one of them!
Also, when attacking, if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, choose one rear-guard and that unit gets +10000 Power! At the end of the turn, retire that unit. While increasing its power level to over 20000, it also allows you to draw a card from Bigbelly's ability!
It is a reliable unit that supports this deck!

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