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[V-EB04] The Answer of Truth

Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon
Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon

Normal Unit
Gear Chronicle
Gear Dragon
Dark Zone
Grade 4
Power 15000
Critical 1
Shield -
Twin Drive!!
[AUTO](VC):When placed, activate all of the effects below according to the sum of the grades of the face up cards in your bind zone.
・3 or more - This unit gets drive +1 until end of turn.
・7 or more - This unit gets [Critical] +1 until end of turn.
・13 or more - Choose six of your units, and they get [Power] +10000 until end of turn.
・19 or more - At the end of this turn, [COST][discard all of the cards from your hand], and you get an additional turn. You cannot ride during that turn.
The world I truly desire is still far off. It will come eventually--

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