Deck Recipe

Executor that Rules the Dark Night

Deck Recipe Executor that Rules the Dark Night

Nation: Brandt Gate

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Cardinal Deus, Orfist
If your World is Dark Night or Abyssal Dark Night, this unit gets +5000 Power!
If your World is Abyssal Dark Night, you can call up to three Shadow Army tokens!
Deploy a large number of Shadow Army tokens, which has 15000 Power and Boost, and hunt down your opponent!

Hollowing Moonlit Night
You can play this with Soul-Blast 1!
When placed in the Order Zone, draw a card.
The following effects are active depending on the number of cards in your Order Zone. With just one, your World will be a Dark Night! If you have two or more, your World will become Abyssal Dark Night!!
It is an order card that allows you to increase hand size, while making the night go on!
Let's make the World an Abyssal Dark Night and strengthen the abilities of "Cardinal Deus, Orfist"!

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