Deck Recipe

Uplift Souls through (Re)Creation

Deck Recipe Uplift Souls through (Re)Creation

Nation: Stoicheia

Check out these featured cards!

Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga
When you would play a normal order, you can bind one normal order of a different card name from your drop and perform Alchemagic!
Counter-Blast 1, and you can superior call one unit from the drop!
Let's combine two normal orders to create the strongest normal order!

Inheritance Maiden, Hendrina
When placed, you can discard the top three cards from your deck! Also, by retiring this unit, you can avoid paying the Soul-Blast cost the next time you would Alchemagic!
Build up cards in your drop to support Zorga's abilities!
It also has useful abilities that will reduce the cost of powerful normal orders that usually have high cost!

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