Deck Recipe

Final Form at the End of the Eternal Quest


Win your battles with the trump card "Dragonic Overlord the End" in this Dragon Empire deck! Build up to quadruple drive check with multiple attacks and aim for Trigger cards to deliver huge damage to your opponents in one go!

Nation: Dragon Empire

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Dragonic Overlord the End

Dragonic Overlord the End
If your soul has a "Dragonic Overlord", this unit gets Power +5000 and drive cannot decrease from card effects! At the end of the battle that this unit attacked, by Counter-Blasting 1 and discarding two cards from hand, you can stand this unit and it gets drive -1! Restand once more for your vanguard to attack a second time! When used normally, the second attack will only have 1 drive, but if rode upon "Dragonic Overlord", Twin Drive is possible even with the second attack! Let's aim for those triggers!

Burning Horn Dragon

Burning Horn Dragon
When placed, by Counter-Blasting 1, look at the top seven cards of your deck and put one "Overlord" card until your hand! If you did not put into your hand, you can Counter-Charge 1! When your "Overlord" vanguard attacks, this unit gets Power +5000! Look for "Dragonic Overlord the End" or cards for Persona Ride from the deck and get a maximum of Power +10000!

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