Deck Recipe

Bandmaster of Blossoming Bonds, Lianorn

DBT06 Stoicheia

Combine the power of all back row rear-guards to boost your vanguard in this Lianorn deck! Boost your vanguard with three pals in the back row and deal huge damage with all that boosted Power and Triple Drive!

Nation: Stoicheia

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Grand March of Full Bloom, Lianorn

Grand March of Full Bloom, Lianorn
By Counter-Blasting 1, draw a card, and call a card from hand! When this unit attacks, by Soul-Blasting 1 & discarding a card from hand, boost this unit with all of your back row standing units with "Boost"! If you boosted with three or more units, this units gets Drive +1, and at the end of that battle, stand two of your back row rear-guards! Boosting with your three back row rear-guards is crucial as Lianorn will attain Triple Drive, which increases the chances of getting Triggers in the Trigger Check!

Performing Petal, Diantha

Performing Petal, Diantha
When this unit is placed, if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, by Counter-Blasting 1, call a grade 3 or less card from drop! If you have two or more grade 1 or less rear-guards in your back row, this units gets Power +5000! Let's support Lianorn with the combined power of rear-guards!

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