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Armed Arms! Activate!

A new 《Brandt Gate》 deck featuring cards from the Japanese comic "CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD YouthQuake"!
Attach 2 Armed Arms to your vanguard, and hit your opponent with one hard punch!

Nation: Brandt Gate

Check out these featured cards!

Gigant Arms, Silhouette

Gigant Arms, Silhouette
At the beginning of your attack step, by paying the cost, choose up to two of your "Armed Arms" rear-guards with different names and attach them to this unit!

At the end of the battle this unit attacked, choose up to one of the units attached to this unit, and move it to an open rear-guard circle as Stand!
If you drive-checked a Front Trigger, your vanguard can gain Power +30000! Devastate your opponent with astronomical power!

Machineries Factory

Machineries Factory
When this card is in your Order Zone, by Resting this card, look at the top seven cards of your deck and choose up to one card with "Armed Arms" in its name from among them, put it into hand if your drop has a card with the same card name, or discard it if your drop does not! If you put a card into hand, put this card into soul.

If you have a grade 3 or greater "Silhouette" vanguard, by putting this card into soul, choose up to two different "Armed Arms" unit cards and call them to open rear-guard circles!
Put Armed Arms into your drop with this card, and when 2 of them are assembled, call them from drop to support "Gigant Arms"!

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