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The Ice Queen of Destruction

The Nordlinger deck expands on its battle strategies with the use of Masque of Hydragrum!

Remove the original Nordlinger and gather tons of Meteorite cards! By using four or more Meteorite cards, you'll get twice the benefits from trigger effects so you can deal a deadly punch to your opponents!

Nation: Brandt Gate

Check out these featured cards!

Gore Gravidia, Nordlinger Masques

Gore Gravidia, Nordlinger Masques
This card can only be ridden from a grade 3 "Nordlinger" card.

By removing a different "Nordlinger" from hand, soul, or drop, put up to three Meteorite cards from drop into hand! When this unit attacks a vanguard, by Counter-Blasting 1 & putting any number of Meteorite cards from the order zone into drop, for every two Meteorite cards put into drop for this cost, call up to one unit card from hand! If four or more Meteorite cards were put into drop, your trigger effects activate twice!

Gain twice the Power from your triggers when revealed during drive checks and earn your victory with a super-powered, superior called rear-guard!

Gravidia Bacubirito

Gravidia Bacubirito
When this unit is placed, by Soul-Blasting 1, put a Meteorite card from your drop into the order zone!
If your opponent's rear-guard was retired this turn, this unit gets Power +5000! If three or more were retired, it gets Critical +1!
Superior call this unit with the ability of Nordlinger Masques, and serve powerful attacks with 2 Critical!

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