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DLBT03 Mediell

A "Mediell" deck that changes its fighting style according to the card type revealed from the top of the deck. This deck calls its comrades from the drop zone, increases its [Critical] and hits the opponent with a powerful strike! A deck recommended for intermediate~experienced fighters who'd like to fight by making use of the drop zone!

Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

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Fondant Solace, Mediell

Fondant Solace, Mediell
By [Counter-Blast 2], reveal the top card of your deck, and activate this unit's ability according to the card type revealed! If you revealed a normal unit, put that revealed card into hand, call a card from drop, and that called unit gets [Critical] +1! If you revealed a trigger unit, [Counter-Charge 1] and call a card from drop! Borrow the power of your allies such as "Solis Lacrima, Ninon", which can utilize the top card of your deck, and "Meddlesome Wellness Committee, Phyllis", which can decrease Mediell's cost, and use your skills in perfect condition!

Dearly Flowers, Alise

Dearly Flowers, Alise
During the battle this unit attacked a grade 3 or greater card, it gets [Power] +5000! If this unit was placed from drop by the ability of your grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Mediell" in its card name, at the end of the battle your vanguard attacked, you can stand this unit by paying the cost! Place this unit from drop with Mediell's ability, and aim to attack consecutively with [Critical] 2!

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