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[VGE-D-LBT01] Lyrical Booster Pack 01: Lyrical Melody

Blessing Diva, Grizael
Blessing Diva, Grizael

Trigger Unit
Lyrical Monasterio
Grade 0
Power 5000
Critical 1
Shield 50000
Over +100,000,000
(You may only have one [Over] trigger in a deck. When revealed as a trigger, remove that card, draw a card, choose one of your units, and it gets [Power] +100 Million until end of turn! If revealed during drive check, activate its additional effect!)
Additional Effect - During this fight, you get "During your turn, all your rear-guards get [Power] +10000"!
The archangel that descends onto the stage. The singing voice that tempts spectators to heaven.

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10-22-2021 [VGE-D-LBT01] Lyrical Booster Pack 01: Lyrical Melody Card List Product Page

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Weiß & Schwarz

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