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Sing with Me, Loronerol

The Loronerol deck from Lyrical Booster 1: Lyrical Melody sees a huge upgrade with cards from Festival Booster 2023!

Songs are the key to victory in this deck! Sing songs according to the situation and attack your opponents with a punch that's difficult to overcome!

Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

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Sing with Me, Loronerol

Sing with Me, Loronerol
During this fight, this card is also regarded as "Heartfelt Song, Loronerol"! When this unit is placed, look at the top five cards of your deck, and call one grade 3 or less unit card!
When this unit attacks a vanguard, sing one face up Song from your order zone! If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, by Soul-Blasting a grade 3 "Loronerol" card, this unit gets Drive +1 and your opponent cannot call sentinels to the Guardian circle!

Sing Songs like "Madder Red Runway" to increase your Critical and attain victory with card restrictions and Triple Drive!

Clear Stream, Marilou

Clear Stream, Marilou
If your order zone has two or more face down cards, this unit gets Power +10000!
When this unit is placed on a rear-guard circle, by putting a card from hand into soul, put a Song card from deck into hand! If you persona rode this turn, the cost may be paid by Soul-Blasting 1 instead of putting a card from hand into soul! Add songs into your hand and support Loronerol even further! Increase Marilou's Power and utilize the ability of "Six-Flower Fractale" to restand units and strike with multiple attacks!

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