Deck Recipe

Lü Bu

Lu Bu

Clear all your opponents with just one swing using the Lü Bu deck! By arming with Völundr with Randgriz, your vanguards will then fight with strengthened powers! Recommended for Intermediate to advanced players who wish to enjoy interesting tactics!

Nation: Record of Ragnarok

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Most Powerful Chinese Hero, Lü Bu

Most Powerful Chinese Hero, Lü Bu
The grade 3 trump unit for the Lü Bu deck! If this unit has an Arms, by paying the cost, when this unit would attack this turn, it battles all of your opponent's units! By Counter-Blasting 2, this unit gets Power +5000 and Critical +1! Use Lü Bu's skill to sweep through your opponents!

Fourth Valkyrie Sister, Randgriz

Fourth Valkyrie Sister, Randgriz
If your vanguard is "Most Powerful Chinese Hero, Lü Bu", by declaring Völundr, you can Arm this card to a vanguard! When you do so, all of the following abilities can activate! ・During your turn, your vanguard gets Power +5000! ・By binding a "Fourth Valkyrie Sister, Randgriz" from hand, until end of turn, all of your opponent's grade 0 guardians get Shield -5000! Increase your own power while decreasing your opponent's! Prioritise Völundr as long as you have hand size!

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