Deck Recipe

Yoh Asakura

Wooden Sword Ryu

Here is a "Yoh Asakura" deck recipe powered up with cards from Title Booster+ 03 “SHAMAN KING”. By using Over Soul with "Yoh Asakura" and "Amidamaru", strengthen yourself and your allies, and defeat your opponent's entire column at once with the power of "Spirit of Sword"!

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Neverending Traveler, Wooden Sword Ryu

Spirit of Sword, Yoh Asakura
This grade 3 unit is the trump card for the deck! You can only ride this on a Grade 3 "Yoh Asakura", and when it is placed, it gets power +10000 and critical +1! Over Soul by putting "Amidamaru" into your soul! Your front row allies get power +10000, and when this unit attacks, it can battle an entire column at once! With the ability to increase the number of attack targets, this unit makes a good pair with "Goddess of Victory, Anna Kyoyama"!

I'll Sacrifice These Legs for Her Sake, Faust VIII

I'll Sacrifice These Legs for Her Sake, Faust VIII
When placed, if your vanguard is "Yoh Asakura" or ""Wooden Sword" Ryu", by paying the cost, you can revive a "Shaman" from your drop with a grade less than or equal to your vanguard! Revive your allies and build your ideal playing field!

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