Deck Recipe

Devour and Shape Your World!

Deck Recipe Devour and Shape Your World!

Clan: Shadow Paladin

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Dragheart, Luard

Dragheart, Luard
At the cost of retiring two grade 1 rear-guards, you draw a card, and retire one of your opponent's rear-guards!
In addition, by Counter-Blasting 3, you may return two normal units from the drop zone to your deck, and ride "Dragdriver, Luard" from the deck! The cost for this ability is reduced for each grade 1 card in the drop zone!
At the end of the turn, you get to ride "Dragheart, Luard" from the soul, which means you can get up to three copies of Imaginary Gift:Force in a turn!

Dragdriver, Luard

Dragdriver, Luard
This unit gets +5000 Power for each grade 1 rear-guard!
Furthermore, if there are two or more grade 3 cards in soul, all grade 1 rear-guards will have a critical value of 2!
When placed, you can search your deck for grade 1 units, up to the number of "Luard" units in your soul +1!
Call many grade 1 units to strengthen yourself!

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