Deck Recipe

The True Darkness Within the Dark

Deck Recipe The True Darkness Within the Dark

Clan: Shadow Paladin

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Phantom Blaster Overlord

Phantom Blaster Overlord
If there is a "Phantom Plaster Dragon" in soul, this unit gets +10000 Power and its critical value becomes 2!
In addition, when attacking, retire any number of rear-guards, your opponent retires as many rear-guards retired for this cost, call a "Blaster" unit from your deck, and that called unit gets +10000 Power!
Retire your opponent's rear-guards and launch a series of attacks!

Freezing Witch, Bendi

Freezing Witch, Bendi
If your vanguard is "Blaster Dark", you may retire this unit to ride "Phantom Blaster Dragon" from your deck!
You can reach grade 3 as early as the second turn, and obtain and Imaginary Gift:Force!

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